Volume 4 Number 24
June 15, 2007


Serving as the State Treasurer, Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink has dedicated her first six months in office to understanding the issues that affect the future of Florida’s economy.

In this pursuit, CFO Sink has launched an effort to educate the Cabinet and our state's citizens about the potential implications of climate change.

Additionally, CFO Sink joined the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), a national network of investors focused on the business impacts of climate change. CFO Sink is the first Florida-based institutional investor to join the three-year-old organization, which now includes more than 50 public and private institutional investors managing more than $3.7 trillion in assets. The network focuses on the future financial risks and investment opportunities posed by climate change.

CFO Sink has partnered with Commissioner of Agriculture Charles Bronson to host a series of “Conversations on Climate Change.”  this week, CFO Sink and Commissioner Bronson hosted the second workshop titled Climate Change: Renewable Energy Solutions. During the workshop, CFO Sink discussed ways to bring Florida to the forefront – economically--by developing and investing in renewable energy sources.

The next conversation will be held on Tuesday, September 18, 2007, on the topic of climate change as related to finance and insurance issues.

On November 14, the conversations will convene with experts continuing to discuss solutions and action for Florida's sustained financial health.

Another way CFO Sink is working to increase awareness about the issue is through www.floridaclimatechange.com, a website created for Floridians seeking information about climate change, links to other climate change organizations, and most importantly information about the possible financial impact of climate change on Florida’s economy.