CFO Alex Sink photo

Volume 4 Number 10
March 9, 2007


This year, the theme for National Women's History Month is “Generations of Women Moving History Forward”.  During the month of March, the historical achievements and advancements made by women are celebrated.  As the first female member of the consolidated Florida Cabinet, our Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, serves as a role model for young women who want to be trailblazers in the financial and insurance industries.   

Women's roles have often been overshadowed throughout history. Today, we embrace the part that women have played in American history.  Their meaningful contributions are being showcased and are a rich legacy for our future generations.  Yet, we must continue to instill our young women with a belief in themselves that will help them overcome any obstacles they may face.  Education is the key to providing our next generation with the tools and confidence they need to achieve their goals.

As women continue to strive for advancement, their influence in government has been significant.  Florida women have stepped out and are stepping forward to affect positive change in their communities. The following are some milestones:

Who founded Bethune-Cookman College, established the National Council of Negro Women, and served as an advisor on minority affairs to President Franklin D. Roosevelt?
Mary McLeod Bethune (1875–1955)

Who was the first Hispanic woman elected to Congress?
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, of Florida in 1989.

Who was the first African-American woman to be elected to the Florida House of Representatives?
Gwen Sawyer Cherry was elected in 1970.  

Who was the First Female Member of the Florida Cabinet?
Betty Castor, Commissioner of Education. (1987-1994).

Who is the First Female Member of the consolidated Florida Cabinet?
Alex Sink in 2007.

Who was Florida's First Female Lieutenant Governor?
Toni Jennings in 2003.

Who was the first, and only, Woman United States Attorney General, and where is she from?
Janet Reno of Miami, Florida (1993–2001).