Volume 4 Number 3
January 19, 2007


At the January 18, 2007, Cabinet meeting, CFO Alex Sink supported the appointment of two new agency heads and the reaffirmation of the Director of the State Board of Administration. 

CFO Sink made the motion to approve the appointment of Mike Sole as the new Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which was unanimously approved by the Governor and Cabinet.  As Secretary of DEP, Mike oversees Florida’s environmental regulatory and law enforcement programs, the acquisition, conservation and management of public lands, including Florida’s award-winning state parks, and the development and regulation of Florida’s water resources through the State’s five water management districts.  

Secretary Sole has served the Department since 1991, most recently as Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs and Energy where he spearheaded the 2006 Florida Energy Act -- the four-year, $100 million plan to diversify the state’s fuel supply and promote energy conservation and efficiency. 

CFO Sink also supported the appointment of Navy Rear Admiral LeRoy Collins, Jr. as the new Executive Director of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.  Admiral Collins is the son of Florida's 33rd governor, LeRoy Collins.  Admiral Collins graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1956 and served in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve (submarines) for 34 years, retiring as a two-star admiral.  

Following these two appointments, CFO Sink made the motion to reconfirm Coleman Stipanovich as the Executive Director of the State Board of Administration.  Mr. Stipanovich has served as Executive Director since 2002 and has helped make Florida’s Pension fund one of the best and most respected pension funds in the nation.