Volume 3 Number 42
October 16, 2006

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Members of the Division of Insurance Fraud and the State Fire Marshal’s Office were among about 200 state emergency responders on hand Wednesday to accept an official thank you from Governor Jeb Bush and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour for assisting Mississippi in its recovery following Hurricane Katrina last year.  

Florida sent more than 7,000 responders and more than $80 million in aid in what is being described as Florida’s largest state-to-state assistance in history.

 “I am extremely proud of the thousands of Florida emergency responders who selflessly aided impacted communities along the Gulf Coast recover from catastrophic Hurricane Katrina,” said Governor Bush. “Florida received help from more than 35 states during the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, and we remain steadfastly committed to aiding our neighbors in times of crisis.” 

 “On behalf of the people of Mississippi, it is an honor to thank the thousands of Floridians who provided tremendous assistance to our state in our time of greatest need,” said Governor Barbour.

Tom Gallagher, Florida’s chief financial officer and state fire marshal, commended not only department personnel who were deployed to Mississippi but also those who remained behind to respond to the needs of citizens in South Florida also impacted by Hurricane Katrina, the state’s sixth storm in just over a year.  

“It’s a real testament to the kind of people we have in this department,” Gallagher said.  “We stretched our resources so we could lend a hand to our neighbors in need, and I thank every one of our employees who helped make that possible.”

The Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations, the law enforcement arm of the State Fire Marshal’s Office, won a Davis Productivity Award for maintaining its responsibilities after sending about one-third of its sworn force to Mississippi.

List of resources the state provided to Mississippi:


·       Water - 768 truckloads (3,648,000 gals.)
·       Ice - 457 truckloads (19,194,000 lbs.)
·       Juice - 16 trucks (16,000 cases)
·       Shelf Stable Meals - (138,000 meals)
·       USDA commodities - 6,000 cases
·       Baby food, formula, etc. - 20,892 cases
·       Baby supplies (nipples, diapers, wipes) - 4,962 cases
·       Adult diapers, wipes - 376 cases
·       Children Liquid Supplement - 10,200 cases
·       Adult Liquid Supplement - 5,100 cases


·       1,200 Porta Potties with service
·       180 each 30-cubic yard dumpsters with service
·       113 Tons of Quick Lime
·       6 Trucks of Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite)
·       33,280 Blankets
·       500 Fuel Cans
·       500 12/3 power cords with adaptors
·       2,000 HEPA Filtration Masks
·       2,000 Body Bags
·       300,000 “Bath-in-a-Bag” units
·       162 Small 8-12 kW portable generators
·       1000 traffic cones
·       1000 portable barricades
·       6 Administrative Supply Kits for affected counties
·       6 Essential Tool and Equipment Kits for affected counties
·       50 Piece Computer network lease for Joint Task Force operations center at Stennis
·       97 - Generators
·       93 - 4000 watt light tower sets
·       154 - Forklifts (warehouse, LUL and All-terrain)
·       1 - 35,000 pound All Terrain Forklift
·       125 - Pallet Jacks
·       25 - Flood Pumps
·       5 - Field HVAC Units
·       1 - 70-Ton Crane


·       1 State Type I Mobile Command, Control and Communications Vehicle (with self contained support package)
·       7 County Type I Mobile Command Vehicles (self contained support packages)
·       Established one, Type I State Logistics Staging Area in MS
·       Established one Type I Mobilization Area and one Type II Staging Area in FL to support MS Operations
·       2 State Type I Logistics Support Trailer Systems
·       11 High-Speed Satellite Data and Voice communications systems
·       13 Transportable Satellite Voice Radio/Telephone packages
·       250 Hand-held Radios
·       Consulted on the rebuild the 911 Center in Hancock County
·       Interconnected all six southern counties on four State Emergency Deployable, Interoperable Communications Systems (EDICS) with two-way radio networks

·       Two portable repeater trailer systems
·       One security Badgeing System
·       One 500-person USaR Life Support Package (Catering and showers)
·       1,500 person Base Camp
·       One field laundry trailer unit
·       16 Refueling Tankers and Tenders with Diesel and MOGAS, on a continuous basis

o       70,000 Gallons Diesel Fuel
o       130,000 Gallons Unleaded Fuel

·       25 truck shuttle fleet


·       Three Area Command Teams with 115 personnel to manage entire response of six counties
·       Six Incident Management Teams sent to County Emergency Operation Centers
·       Three Logistics Management Teams
·       Urban Search and Rescue Teams
·       Three Type I Teams
·       Four Type II Teams
·       Two Water Rescue Teams
·       One Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Coordination Team
·       767 Law Enforcement Personnel with vehicles and equipment
·       207 Fire Fighting Personnel
·       70 ALS Ambulances and EMS personnel
·       710 Medical Personnel in various disciplines
·       30 Elder Care Specialists
·       1 School Recovery Team
·       1 FDOT Advance Recon Team (10 personnel)
·       1 FDOT Bridge Recovery Team (7 personnel)
·       14 Public Information Officers
·       497 National Guard Personnel (also sent aircraft and equipment)
·       3 zodiac boats w/trailers
·       3 HMMWV’s
·       2 GSA vans
·       2 UH-60 “Black Hawk” helicopters
·       1CH-47 “Chinook”
·       4 Hazmat Teams (8 personnel)
·       14 Volunteer, Donations and Reception Center Personnel
·       13 Animal Control Teams (60 personnel)
·       1 State Animal Response Team (5 personnel)
·       16 Water/Wastewater Facility Teams (101 personnel)
·       4 Communications Personnel
·       38 Recovery Personnel (includes Community Relations, Housing Coordinator, Debris Management Coordinator, DRC Coordinators and NFIP Coordinator)

For additional information on Florida’s hurricane response efforts, please visit www.FloridaDisaster.org