Volume 3 Number 41
October 9, 2006

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Tax-free week encourages Floridians to purchase ENERGY STAR™ products

Lt. Governor Toni Jennings joined Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Colleen M. Castille, the Florida Retail Federation and executives of the Home Depot at the Home Depot in Tallahassee to promote energy efficient products during this year’s sales tax holiday. Designated as Energy Efficient Week, the holiday suspends the sales tax for ENERGY STAR™ products and appliances.

“Energy Efficient Week encourages consumers to invest in energy efficient products at a great savings,” said Lt. Governor Jennings. “By encouraging investment through grant programs and incentives, Florida is supporting market-based development of energy efficient products and reliable and cost-effective energy alternatives.”

Part of the 2006 Florida Energy Act, Energy Efficient Week encourages Floridians to invest in energy efficient products by providing relief from sales tax for approved products and appliances for up to $1,500. Qualifying energy efficient products include a dishwasher, clothes washer, air conditioner, ceiling fan, incandescent or fluorescent light bulb, dehumidifier, programmable thermostat, or refrigerator that meets all requirements of the ENERGY STAR program.

“Retailers recognize the economic and environmental benefits of increasing the number of households using appliances that are more environmentally efficient,” said Bill Herrle, Vice President of governmental affairs for the Florida Retail Federation. “That’s why consumers can expect to see retailers offering additional savings and promotions on Energy Star products during the holiday.”

Spearheaded by Governor Bush and Lt. Governor Jennings, the 2006 Florida Energy Act takes the first comprehensive step toward ensuring a diverse, reliable and secure energy future by reducing regulatory barriers to expedite electric generation capacity and providing rebates, grants and tax incentives to drive the development of alternative fuel technologies. The four year, $100 million plan will diversify the state’s fuel supply, reduce Florida’s dependence on imported oil, spur economic growth and promote energy conservation and efficiency. 

“Florida’s growing economy and quality of life depend on a diverse, secure and reliable supply of energy,” said Secretary Castille. “The 2006 Florida Energy Act includes incentives for conservation and efficiency, and promotes the development of alternative technologies through grant programs and targeted investments to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.”

For more information on the 2006 Florida Energy Act, visit www.FloridaEnergy.org. To view the Governor’s proclamation for Energy Efficient Week, visit http://www.dep.state.fl.us/secretary/news/2006/proc/energy_efficient.pdf.