Volume 3 Number 34
August 21, 2006

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Floridians can learn first hand ways to make their homes more hurricane-resistant during a series of Fortify Florida expos designed to be a one-stop shop for hurricane improvement efforts.
The first of three Fortify Florida expos is set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 26 in St. Petersburg. Themed “Tampa Bay Prepares,” the first Fortify Florida expo will feature hurricane-proofing home improvement demonstrations and products, and specific steps homeowners can take to earn insurance premium discounts for taking these hurricane-resistance measures.

The Fortify Florida expos are being held in conjunction with the My Safe Florida Home program, a program administered by the Florida Department of Financial Services to protect Floridians and assist them in making their homes safer against hurricanes.

“The My Safe Florida Home Program is open for business and accepting applications for free home inspections,” said Tom Gallagher, Florida’s chief financial officer. “Our mission is to help Floridians identify how they can strengthen their homes and better protect themselves and their families against hurricanes. We have the financial capacity to serve as many as 50,000 Floridians over the next year, and with the Legislature’s continued funding, we look forward to providing free inspections and matching grants to all Floridians.”

In addition to learning how they can apply for My Safe Florida Home, residents who attend the Fortify Florida: Tampa Bay Prepares! Expo can participate in home improvement how-to clinics, visit displays of building materials to strengthen homes and talk to insurance company representatives about how they can take advantage of premium discounts for hurricane hardening their home. Local contractors, home improvement stores, banks, mortgage companies and credit counseling services are also invited to participate. For more information, please contact Audrey Sumrall Brown at (850) 413-2429.

Future Fortify Florida expos are scheduled for the Pensacola Civic Center on Saturday, Sept. 30 and the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University on Saturday, Oct. 14.

To get more information on these events and to learn the steps you can take to make your home more hurricane-resistant, visit the My Safe Florida Home website at www.mysafefloridahome.com.