Volume 2 Number 39
September 26, 2005

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At the September 22 meeting, the governor and Cabinet proclaimed September 28, 2005, as Florida on the Move Day. Presented by CFO Tom Gallagher, the Cabinet resolution set goals for Floridians to follow to become healthier through simple changes in their daily lives.  

According to a recent survey, Americans spend 7.7 hours per day sitting and four hours per day watching television and playing computer games. We are the most overweight nation in the world. Our eating and physical activity patterns do not give us enough exercise and we tend to eat too many calories. The recommended 30 minutes of physical activity a day are not accomplished by more than 60% of American adults, while 25% are not physically active at all.

More than 120 million Americans — 64.5% of the adult population — are overweight; nearly 59 million, or 31%, are obese. The average American adult is gaining 1-3 pounds each year, and some people gain even more.

Florida on the Move, an affiliate of the national initiative America on the Move, is a grassroots network that is building communities to support individual behavior change by setting a personal goal for each participant to move more and eat less.

It’s all about energy balance. Weight gain can stop by creating a balance between the amount of energy burned and the amount of food consumed throughout a normal day.

The message is simple: move more and eat less. Making these 2 small changes daily is all it takes. By walking an extra 2000 steps, which is the equivalent of about 1 mile, and eating only 100 fewer calories each day, individuals can prevent weight gain and begin to see big results.

For success in creating sustainable individual behavior change, AOM focuses to create communities that support healthy eating and active living. By reaching individuals where they live, work, learn, and play, communities can make a difference. AOM encourages both the public and private sectors to be part of this effort.

America On the Move is an initiative of the nonprofit organization, The Partnership to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Living (The Partnership). To find out more about the Partnership, please visit www.ppheal.org.

Remind your friends to make two simple changes, move more by taking an extra 2,000 steps and consume 100 fewer calories each day for a healthier lifestyle.


The new courthouse in Indian River County, named for the scenic body of water running between the barrier islands and the mainland along Florida's Treasure Coast. America's first National Wildlife Refuge was established on Pelican Island in the Indian River by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903.