Volume 2 Number 33
August 15, 2005

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Florida faces a new challenge in the war on drugs: “meth” or methamphetamine. Meth is highly addictive, widely available and produces effects much worse than crack cocaine. The insidious nature of this drug, and the fact that it is easy to make, has led to a rise in dangerous, clandestine meth labs – hidden, homegrown drug labs where addicts produce the drug for use and sale. 

In response to the growing threat, the State Fire Marshal’s Office is providing specialized meth lab training, free of charge, to all first responders in Florida. Classes have been scheduled through next April. The training, which falls under the State Fire Marshal’s Office, has already been identified as a national model. Extending this training to all sheriff, police and fire departments throughout our state will help safeguard the people who safeguard us. It will also help preserve meth lab fires as crime scenes, so meth criminals can be successfully prosecuted.

The Fight Meth website includes important information for citizens and first responders. Through education and awareness, we can all help to keep our communities safe from these chemical time bombs and perhaps turn someone away from this terrible addiction. Click on the Fight Meth button to the left to visit the website.

Training Course Schedules for First Responders

October 4-6, 2005   Destin Community Center
101 Stahlman Ave., Destin, Florida

December 10-12, 2005   Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Training Center
Jacksonville, Florida

January 3-5, 2006   Sarasota County EMS, Station #2
2070 Waldemere Street, Sarasota, Florida

February 21-23, 2006   Ft. Myers’ Bureau of Fire and Arson Field Office

April 4-6, 2006   Volusia County Fire Dept.
120 W. Indiana Ave., Deland, Florida 

April 18-20, 2006  South Manatee County Fire and Rescue
2451 Trailmate Drive, Sarasota, FL

Night falls over the 1908 Lafayette County courthouse in Mayo, the county seat.  The two-story frame building across the street was an earlier courthouse. The county was formed in 1856 and named after the French marquis who assisted the colonies during the Revolutionary War.