Volume 2 Number 20
May 16, 2005




The Department of Financial Services is helping Floridians raise a generation of money-savvy savers. Participating in National Teach Children to Save Day on April 26th, DFS worked with schools, parents and children to teach how a solid financial future starts young with good saving and spending habits.

Turning two-liter bottles into piggy banks was one fun lesson to show children the value of money. Other activities encouraged children to take an active role in saving and understanding the value of every penny.

The goal of the DFS outreach effort is to use National Teach Children to Save Day as a starting point to teach financial literacy year round. We have formed partnerships with various programs throughout the state, partnering with driver’s education teachers by leveraging the teen-age consumer's desire for a car as an incentive to save. We are teaming up with the Big Brother/ Big Sister program to promote healthy saving habits and an understanding of the concept and value of compound interest. We are also working with at-risk students to help them learn that a healthier financial future starts by saving that first penny.

The DFS piggy bank project is a fun way to help young consumers take a creative role in financial literacy education. The project lets students decorate an outline of a pig printed on paper and paste the pig to a two-liter soda bottle. An opening at the top of the bottle, made by an adult, finishes the transformation to a piggy bank. 

The piggy bank project is available in English and Spanish, and available to download in PDF form from the DFS website at http://www.MyFloridaCFO.com/PressOffice/Documents/Pig.pdf.

With stories like “The Adventures of Penny,” and games like “Toss the Coin,” students have fun while learning about saving money.

The aim is to make financial literacy a year-round focus of DFS' consumer outreach. For more information about how your organization can increase financial literacy education among Florida’s young consumers, contact us toll-free at 1-800-342-2762. Or, visit our website at www.MyFloridaCFO.com to contact the regional office closest to you.

Lake County, the 43rd county,
was established  May 27, 1887, being taken from Orange and Sumter counties and named for the large number of lakes within its boundaries. The courthouse, above, was built in 1924.