Volume 2 Number 19
May 9, 2005




The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has announced public hearings regarding a proposed rate increase filed by Service Insurance Company. The rate filing is for Service’s Mobile Homeowners Insurance Program.
The Bradenton-based company’s filing requests an average statewide rate increase of 32%. The average rate change varies by county from 0% in several counties to 37% in Highlands County. A list of average, county rate changes by policy is included with this notice.
The filing took effect on February 25, 2005 for new policies and April 2, 2005 for renewal policies. The company filed under a statutory provision allowing companies to implement a rate adjustment before it has been approved by the Office. If the rate filing is disapproved or approved at a lower rate, the company must refund the premium difference to their policyholders.
The Florida Administrative Code (Rule 4-166.051, F.A.C.) requires a public hearing to be held when a rate filing exceeds 25%. Service’s rate filing meets this criteria.
All Service policyholders and interested parties are invited to attend the hearings. The hearings will take place from 3-5 p.m. and 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at the Spartan Manor on 6121 Massachusetts Ave. in New Port Richey, Florida due to the high number of policies in the area.
“Policyholders will have the opportunity to interact with company representatives in person and discuss their insurance concerns at these hearings,” said Florida Insurance Regulation Commissioner Kevin McCarty.
A copy of the hearing agendas will be posted on the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation website at www.MyFloridaCFO.com/companies/.
For more information on these hearings, please call the Florida Consumer Helpline at 1-800-342-2762.
Pursuant to the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act, any person requiring special accommodations to participate in this hearing should advise the Office of Insurance Regulation at least 5 calendar days before the hearing, by contacting the number listed above.

Lake County, the 43rd county, was established  May 27, 1887, being taken from Orange and Sumter counties and named for the large number of lakes within its boundaries. The courthouse, above, was built in 1924.








Service Mobile Home Filing FCP 05-03250
Filed Rate Change By County
Effective 2/25/2005 New; 4/2/2005 Renewal
COUNTY                     TOTAL   
ALACHUA                    33.1%   
BAKER                          0.0%   
BAY                              0.0%   
BRADFORD                   0.0%   
BREVARD                   28.9%   
BROWARD                  29.4%   
CALHOUN                     0.0%   
CHARLOTTE                29.2%   
CITRUS                        33.4%   
CLAY                           36.3%   
COLLIER                      28.9%   
COLUMBIA                    0.0%   
DADE                          26.9%   
DESOTO                       0.0%   
DIXIE                             0.0%   
DUVAL                        23.6%   
ESCAMBIA                    0.0%   
FLAGLER                     29.1%   
FRANKLIN                      0.0%   
GADSDEN                      0.0%   
GILCHRIST                     0.0%   
GLADES                         0.0%   
GULF                             0.0%   
HAMILTON                     0.0%   
HARDEE                      16.8%   
HENDRY                        0.0%   
HERNANDO                  35.0%   
HIGHLANDS                  37.0%   
HILLSBOROUGH           31.8%   
HOLMES                        0.0%   
INDIAN RIVER               29.6%   
JACKSON                       0.0%   
JEFFERSON                   0.0%   
LAFAYETTE                    0.0%   
LAKE                             35.6%   
LEE                               29.5%   
LEON                            27.2%   
LEVY                              0.0%   
LIBERTY                         0.0%   
MADISON                       0.0%   
MANATEE                     30.1%   
MARION                        36.9%   
MARTIN                         28.8%   
MONROE                        0.0%   
NASSAU                         0.0%   
OKALOOSA                    0.0%   
OKEECHOBEE              29.5%   
ORANGE                       35.1%   
OSCEOLA                     34.6%   
PALM BEACH                31.7%   
PASCO                          36.7%   
PINELLAS                      30.6%   
POLK                             36.5%   
PUTNAM                          0.0%   
SANTA ROSA                  0.0%   
SARASOTA                   29.4%   
SEMINOLE                    36.0%   
ST. JOHNS                    30.9%   
ST. LUCIE                      29.7%   
SUMTER                        35.6%   
SUWANNEE                    0.0%   
TAYLOR                          0.0%   
UNION                             0.0%   
VOLUSIA                       32.9%   
WAKULLA                       0.0%   
WALTON                         0.0%   
WASHINGTON                 0.0%   
TOTAL                           32.5%