Volume 1 Number 51
December 20, 2004






Hurricane Deductibles

General Bill by Ross

Last Action:  12/16/04

 Senate Passed; 
YEAS 38 NAYS 1 -
SJ 00016





  1. What is the multiple deductible reimbursement program?

With four hurricanes in less than 45 days, the possibility of being charged more than one insurance deductible became a reality for many Floridians.   Paying more than one deductible was financially devastating to many.  On Dec. 16, the Florida Legislature approved a law to provide financial relief for storm victims who were charged more than one deductible when they filed claims with their insurance company. 

  1. What type of policies will be included in this disbursement?

The following type of contracts will be included in the disbursement:  Homeowners, Mobile Homes, Dwelling Fire, Renters, Condominium Unit Owners and Condominium Associations.    Commercial, Marine, Auto and any other types of insurance were not included. 

  1. How do I file for this type of reimbursement?

Your insurance company will provide you with the form to apply for the reimbursement.  If you do not hear from your company by January 22, call us for additional guidance. 

4. Are there any deadlines?

 Yes.  The form identifying the amount of the deductible, provided to the insured by the company, needs to be filed with the Department of Financial Services by March 1, 2005

5.  When the claim for reimbursement has been filed, how long before any reimbursement will be received?

 The deadline for the filing with the Department of Financial Services is March 1, 2005.  When the form is received by the Department, it will go through a verification process to make certain the amount for reimbursement is correct.  Processing time will depend on the number of reimbursement requests received by the Department.  Your reimbursement will be sent to you once processing is complete. 

6.  What is the limit for reimbursement?

 The maximum reimbursement is limited to the amount of the policyholder’s loss in excess of one full deductible, but not more than $10,000 per policy for damage caused by two hurricanes, not more than $20,000 per policy for damage caused by three hurricanes, and not more than $30,000 per policy for damage caused by four hurricanes.

             7.   Will I be reimbursed 100 percent of my out-of-pocket expenses or 100 percent of the deductible?

All reimbursements will be reduced by $100 of the total reimbursable amount. 

8.      How are the payments going to be made?

 The law states that the Department will reimburse those policyholders who paid two or more full deductibles first.  Then, those policyholders who met one full deductible and part of second or third deductible will be reimbursed.  Then, those consumers whose multiple deductibles add up to at least one full deductible will be reimbursed. 

       9. What if the consumer received a grant from FEMA (this is not to be confused with an SBA loan).  Is the consumer entitled to reimbursement? 

Reimbursement will not be paid for loss amounts for which the policyholder received a grant from FEMA or any other federal, state, county or municipal agency or program. 

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