Volume 1 Number 50
December 13, 2004



Since 1992, Florida’s Healthy Kids program has provided health insurance coverage to more than 500,000 children of working families.  In fact, the program has become a model for child health insurance programs across the nation. 

The amount of premium, based on household size and monthly income, is as little as $15 or $20 per month for most families. 

Families whose coverage was cancelled because of new enrollment requirements, imposed earlier this year by the Legislature, need only to send in their documents to be re-instated.  Families applying for the first time can do so during the annual open enrollment in January.

To assist families in the enrollment process, the Department of Financial Services helped launch Project Pathfinder, a door-to-door outreach program that began in October.

“Thousands of parents already have completed the re-enrollment process,” said Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher, who oversees the Department of Financial Services.  “However, we need to make sure that every eligible child has the best chance to receive health care coverage.”

This week, the Legislature may reconsider its actions during this week’s special session.  Gallagher, who helped create Healthy Kids, supports simplifying enrollment and eligibility requirements from three proofs of income to just one.  

Applications for new enrollments will be available online December 30 at http://www.healthykids.org/ or by calling 1-888-540-KIDS (5437). 


The skyline for December is downtown Gainesville, featuring the Hippodrome Theater, originally the post office.