Volume 1 Number 45
November 8, 2004



Florida Healthy Kids is expanding its successful Project Pathfinder re-enrollment campaign to make sure eligible children continue their KidCare health benefits. Healthy Kids volunteers are canvassing targeted neighborhoods across Florida to make face-to-face contact with the parents of participating children who have not yet re-enrolled in the program.

"Now we're focused on reaching out to parents who have not had the chance to re-enroll," explained Florida's Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher, chairman of the board of the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation. "Ensuring Florida's children have access to health insurance is one of the best investments we can make. In fourteen years of the Florida Healthy Kids program, the accomplishments have been remarkable." 

Project Pathfinder is an aggressive statewide communications campaign to re-enroll eligible children receiving health benefits through KidCare. Since June, Florida Healthy Kids has sent 382,183 letters and made 182,632 phone calls to re-enroll participating families under the new guidelines.

"Thousands of eligible children all over the state have already completed the new enrollment process, however, a few have not," said Rose Naff, executive director of Healthy Kids. "With a generous donation from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, it made sense to use these new resources to expand 'Project Pathfinder' and go to the homes of the families who have not responded to our numerous letters and phone calls."

Volunteers will visit the homes of these parents to deliver specially made door hangers that include a form, instructions and a message about the importance of re-enrollment.

The information is also available in Spanish and bilingual volunteers will be canvassing some neighborhoods. A portion of the donation from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida will cover the cost of the door hangers.

The skyline for November is beautiful Lakeland in Polk County.