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August 2, 2004




Your point for informed financial decisions and the website of the Consumer Services Division of the Florida Department of Financial Services. Geared to help consumers get answers to specific questions, the site has seven entry points on its main page. To link to any of the information below, click on the Service Point logo in the left column of the newsletter. Our specialists are available to help you by email or by phone from 8 a.m. EDT to 7 p.m. EDT, in English and en Espanol.  

Our Smart Answer system responds in detail to the question asked through our catalog of major insurance issues by topic, such as property & casualty, life, health, etc., with links to applicable statutes and websites of further interest.

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Ask your general insurance question here. For the best response, use short sentences and common words. Example: I need flood insurance.

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Consumer Assistance Links:
Civil Remedy Form

Form required by F.S. 624.155  

Closed Claims

A listing of professional liability insurance claims in which an insurer made a payment to a claimant to satisfy a judgment or reach a settlement.

Company Search

Provides full names, business addresses, and identifying information for companies/entities doing business in the State of Florida.
Consumer Guides
To order our FREE consumer guides, click here.

Individual Policies (HIPAA)

A list of companies that have advised us that they are marketing guaranteed issue health insurance policies for eligible individuals as defined by Section 627.6487(3), Florida Statutes.

Insurance Rates and Requirements

Factors that determine insurance premium rates and those items that are required for auto and homeowners coverage in Florida.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Sample Rates

Many companies sell Medicare supplement insurance in Florida. The sample premiums in this list show company rates available as of December 2002.

Small Group Market Carriers

A list of companies offering health insurance to Small Business Owners in Florida.

Consumer News:
Consumer Alerts

Get the latest updates from CFO Tom Gallagher on insurance, financial services and banking advisories.

Financial News

Alerts about scams, arrests and investigations to help you make sound financial decisions.

Identity Theft

Identity thieves adopt your name, Social Security number, credit card number, or some other piece of your personal information. Learn how you can help guard against identity theft.

Insurance Alerts

News alerts and information from the Office of Insurance Regulation.

Medicare News

Get answers to your questions about updates to Medicare from the offical US governnment site. Or call 1-800-633-4227 or MEDICAR.

Unlicensed Insurance Entities

Verify before you Buy! Click here to report unlicensed activity and to avoid buying products that are not guaranteed in the state of Florida

Top FAQs:
Are Medical Discount Plans regulated by the State of Florida?

Medical Discount Plans, Prescription Discount Plans, Dental Discount Plans, and Vision Discount Plans are not insurance. These plans do not pay for a...

What is the difference between fully-regulated Florida medical coverage and medical coverage provided through an out-of-state association group or trust plan?

Medical insurance plans issued through out-of-state group plans are primarily governed by the laws of another state, so there can be significant diffe...

Can an insurance company non-renew for a sinkhole claim?

Florida law prohibits an insurance company from non-renewing any property insurance policy for filing a claim on a partial loss caused by sinkhole dam...

Other Government Links:
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Citizens was created to serve property insurance policyholders in the State of Florida who are unable to obtain coverage in the private marketplace.

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes

FLASH, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting disaster safety and property loss mitigation. Our Mission: To help reduce the number of deaths, injuries, suffering, property damage and economic losses caused by disasters.

Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR)

Primary responsibility for regulation, compliance and enforcement of statutes related to the business of insurance and the monitoring of industry markets.

The Office of Financial Regulation (OFR)

Dedicated to safeguarding the private financial interests of the public by licensing, chartering, examining and regulating financial institutions and financial service companies in Florida.

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