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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: FOX BUSINESS: Florida CFO slams Washington power grab: Nobody wants more IRS

Florida CFO slams Washington power grab: Nobody wants more IRS
August 15, 2022
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Partial Transcript Below

David Asman: And you know, this comes at a time when Americans are tightening their belts. We were talking about inflation a moment ago, and how you know, people are trying to work all of these ways to stretch the dollars that they’re earning, not purchasing as much as they used to because of inflation, and at this particular time, you’re going to multiply it by a factor of six, the IRS? I mean it just, it seems so negative as for particularly, middle class individuals, but those small businesses are going to get killed.
CFO Patronis: They are…Florida, we’re going to do four plans this coming Legislative Session. We’re going to make all state charter banks report when these audits take place. We’re going to force all of these new IRS agents to be licensed, so we know who they are. And those fees, we are going to create a fund in order to create a defense mechanism for those being persecuted. And if we see the same thing we saw in 2013, where they targeted Tea Party groups, where they admitted they targeted Tea Party groups, we are going to create criminal charges to go after them. We’ve got to protect our citizens, because the citizens of the state of Florida spend their money better than Washington does.
David Asman: Now the state of Florida, granted it is the Free State of Florida, but it is still a state and its laws are superseded by federal laws. You are saying that you’re going to challenge some of the licensing of the IRS agents and do other things that may step on the Fed’s toes. Are you going to have to go to court over this?
CFO Patronis: Well, you know what? Take us to court, it’s the right fight to have… Nobody is calling me saying. “You know what, I want more IRS,” and I guarantee no one is calling Washington either.