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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:FOX Business: CFO Patronis: IRS is getting bigger and Florida has 4 huge moves underway to protect residents

“IRS is getting bigger and Florida has 4 huge moves underway to protect residents”
By: Jimmy Patronis, Florida Chief Financial Officer
August 19, 2022
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The IRS is coming, and they are not here to help. There was an old joke after hurricanes that FEMA is a four-letter word for a reason. But after the liberal-led Congress in Washington, D.C., just added 87,000 new agents to audit hard-working, taxpaying Americans, I think I-R-S is the three-letter word we should now fear the most. 
In the midst of an immigration crisis and violent crime overtaking almost every major American city, the geniuses in Washington all got together at the Capitol Hill Club and decided what we need most is 87,000 more IRS agents! This could not be a more ignorant, lost and frankly insulting "response" to the crises facing the American people.  

We only have 20,000 border agents in the country today and while more and more illegal immigrants cross the border each day, unhindered by the policies of President Joe Biden. Washington has decided to punish those already paying taxes by accusing us all that we just aren’t paying enough.
People dying of fentanyl? Not their problem. People dying from high crime? Not their problem. People suffering from the heavy price burden of high inflation? They don’t care. 

Instead, the answer to everything, every time from big-government liberals is — go back to the taxpayers and get your hands on more of their money. They want the small business who checked the wrong box on a tax form in 2019. They want the parent who Venmoed the babysitter too much money without telling her to make a withholding that year. They want the ice cream shops, the sports bars and the family-run auto mechanic shops in your community who look "rich" because they report their entire business’s gross revenue on their personal income tax statements.
We have had enough. In Florida, I am advocating for four new policies to protect our state from the big-government IRS bureaucrats who are not here to help. They are here to hunt. The following is what I am calling: Florida Fights Back — Four Pillars of Protection from the IRS.
We know that Florida took in $24 billion in income from New York, New Jersey and California just in one year alone. These new 87,000 IRS agents are going to pack up and head straight to the Sunshine State — unless we stop them. Let’s make that the goal. These Four Pillars of Protection from the IRS in our "Florida Fights Back" plan are meant to send a message back to Washington: There is no "open season" on our taxpayers. Take your tax-hunt somewhere else. It will not fly in the free state of Florida.