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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…CFO Patronis on Cavuto Coast to Coast, Fox Business – “We Deserve to Get the Answers”

“Gov. DeSantis is ‘proactive’ on helping state fight against omicron spread: Florida CFO”
Cavuto Coast to Coast, Fox Business
January 18, 2022
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Fox Business: Last time we talked; you were trying to figure out what the heck is going on here. Why it is you were having very successful treatment centers using monoclonal antibody treatment in Florida… A lot that had to do with the monoclonal antibodies but suddenly dried up. Dried up maybe not coincidently, when the Federal Government began to take over distribution of it. Have you ever found out and gotten to the bottom of why that happened?

CFO Patronis: We sent the Freedom of Information request to the Government… We’re going to get to the bottom of it. Look, when Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson start talking about this early on and then Fauci hears about it. I’m sure there is some frustration. I’m sure he wants that speak to stop. We’re going to get to the bottom of it because we deserve to get the answers.
Fox Business: Now, delivery of monoclonal antibodies, the treatment is extortionary. I’m a witness to that…You had these special treatment centers but without the monoclonal antibody they’re kind of useless. Have you had to shut them down?
CFO Patronis: So, the Governor, its fortunate for his leadership right now, he’s opened five new treatment sites statewide. But your absolutely right. If I can give options. If I can have tools on the table, I can keep people out of the hospitals. These treatment centers are exactly that, they are an amazing diversion from our hospital and emergency room beds.
Fox Business: Not to put too fine a point on it, Jimmy. For the Federal Government to conspire against a state for political purposes that in such a way that could cost people lives. That is a pretty serious charge. But that is your charge, correct?
CFO Patronis: Correct. This is exactly why we did the Freedom of Information Act request. We want to get some answers. We deserve those answers. Again, I’m sure the administration gets frustrated with those pundits. Those that ask the questions that are critical of the decisions that they make. But, the citizens of the State of Florida deserve answers and I’ll share them when I get them.
Fox Business: Let’s leave on a positive note, because Florida has become a model for what works. I mentioned your success rate in keeping deaths down…isn’t this a tremendous case to be made? All these states are looking for the new normal. Just get back to normal and you can do fine in this environment as long as you have the treatments, right?
CFO Patronis: How would you like to be a business in Hawaii? Now, your Governor has come out and said the only way you are allowed to visit Hawaii is to have proof you have a booster shot. Don’t they realize what they’re doing to the middle class, the small businesses, the backbones of those economies. Again, I’m so glad to be in the State of Florida. It’s no longer a secret we’re open for business.