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CFO Jimmy Patronis Issues Statement on Opening Day of Insurance Reform Special Session

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis issued a statement on the opening day of the Special Session on Insurance Reform. The CFO applauded the Legislature for proposing to expand and bolster the CFO’s Home Hardening priority through the $150 million My Safe Florida Home proposal.
CFO Jimmy Patronis said, “While Florida’s hardening insurance market faces challenges from a number of issues like inflation, fraud, and Mother Nature, the most important thing members can do this session is put policyholders first. I am especially hopeful that one of the reforms being considered, which effectively supercharges our $462 million Home Hardening priority that the Governor recently signed into law, will make it over the finish line.
“As our Home Hardening initiative was a top priority last session, it will provide tax relief for impact resistant doors, windows and garage doors to protect homes from storms and rein in insurance rates. For the Special Session, the Legislature’s proposed $150 million My Safe Florida Home Program would bolster our Home Hardening program by providing funding directly to policyholders for inspections, administering grants for equipment purchases, and creating the staff needed to manage the program. Essentially, this proposed infusion of resources enhances the state’s Home Hardening initiative to a robust $612 million commitment to help policyholders fortify their house while qualifying for rate discounts. That’s over half-a-billion dollars in consumer relief, a historic amount of savings for Florida consumers to allow them to protect their biggest investment – their homes.”
“As a former member of the Florida Legislature, I have got a lot of respect and admiration for the legislative process, and I look forward to working with members as they deliberate on bills to help policyholders. I continue to make my office completely available and look forward to delivering wins for policyholders, especially as the 2022 Hurricane Season starts next week.”