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Task Force on Long-Term Solutions
Florida's Hurricane Insurance Market

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FINAL REPORT [rev. 3/6/2006]

Appendices to Final Report
Appendix One: The Creation, Charge and Responsibilities of the Task Force, Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Excerpt from Senate Bill 1486

Agenda for August 24, 2005|
Minutes from August 24, 2005

Agenda for September 28, 2005
Minutes from September 28, 2005

Agenda for November 14, 2005
Minutes from November 14, 2005

Agenda for November 30, 2005
Minutes from November 30, 2005

Agenda for December 14, 2005
Minutes from December 14, 2005

Agenda for January 18 and 29, 2006
Minutes from January 18 and 29, 2006

Agenda for January 30 and 31, 2006
Minutes from January 30 and 31, 2006

Agenda for February 27 and 28, 2006

Agenda for March 6, 2006

Appendix Two: Mitigation and Building Codes

Mitigation and Building Code Issues and Emergency Management – Thaddeus L. Cohen, Secretary, Florida Department of Community Affairs

Wind Resistant Homes, Old and New and The State of the Florida Housing Market - Dr. Robert C. Stroh, Director of the Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing

Introduction to Disaster Resistant Construction - Bill York, President, W.H. York Consulting

The Cost Effectiveness of Disaster Mitigation – Brent Woodworth, Chair of the National Institute of Building Sciences Multihazard Mitigation Council

Garrett Walton, Co-Exec. Dir., Rebuild NW Florida; Miles Anderson, FL Div. of Emergency Man., Dir., Northwest Florida Recovery

Assessing the Performance of Modern Building Codes & Standards in Reducing Hurricane Damage - Timothy Reinhold, VP/Engineering, Institute for Business & Home Safety

Third Party Analysis of Manufactured Home Retrofit Tie Downs – Assessment and Analysis – State of Florida Residential Construction Mitigation Retrofit Program

Appendix Three: National Catastrophe Plan

Natural Catastrophe Risk: Creating a Comprehensive National Plan (Draft by National Association of Insurance Commissioners)

Resolution Regarding Natural Disaster Insurance Issues – National Conference of Insurance Legislators

“Sharing and Reducing the Financial Risks of Future Mega-Catastrophes” - Robert E. Litan, VP/Research & Policy, Kauffman Foundation; Sr. Fellow, Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution

Preparing for and Protecting America from Catastrophe - James Lee Witt, National Co-Chair Protecting America.org

Has the Time Come for Comprehensive Natural disaster Insurance? Howard Kunreuther, Cecilia Yen Koo Professor of Decision Sciences & Public Policy, Co-Director Risk Management and Decisions Processes Center

Appendix Four:  Population Growth, Insurance and Capacity Demands

Florida Population and New Capital Estimates Ray Spudeck, Senior Research Economist, Office of Insurance Regulation

Table 1: Florida Population Growth Estimates by County

Table 2:  Estimated Policy Count Growth

Table 3: Estimated Minimum New Capital Needed for Florida residential insurance


Appendix Five: The Private Insurance Market

The Private Insurance Market – Ray Spudeck, Senior Research Economist, Office of Insurance Regulation

Overview of the Florida  Hurricane Risk Market– Office of Insurance Regulation

Overview of State Rating Laws - Eric Nordman, CPCU, CIE, Director of Research

Overview of State Rating Laws -State Rating Systems - Eric Nordman, CPCU, CIE, Director of Research, NAIC

Overview of State Rating Laws -State Filing Methods - Eric Nordman, CPCU, CIE, Director of Research, NAIC

Solvency and Capacity Overview - Sharon Binnun, Deputy Insurance Commissioner, Office of Insurance Regulation

Consumer Statement on Rate Review Process - Bob Hunter, Director of Insurance, Consumer Federation of America

 Industry Perspective of Florida Hurricane Market - Steve Goldberg, Chief Actuary, Benfield Group

 Perspective and Recommendations by Florida Alliance on Hurricane Insurance -                             Sam Miller, VP, Florida Insurance Council & Scott Johnson, Ex. VP, Florida Association of Insurance Agents

Hurricanes Katrina & Rita: Impacts on the P/C Insurance & Reinsurance Industries -                            Robert P. Hartwig, Ph.D., CPCU, Senior VP & Chief Economist, Insurance Information Institute

 Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Perspective and Recommendations – Steve Marino, Esq.

Comparison of Admitted and Surplus Lines Property Insurance Market and Climate Survey
Gary Pullen, Executive Director, Florida Surplus Lines Service Office

 Perspective and Recommendations by the Florida Association of Insurance Agents – Scott Johnson, Executive Vice President

Insurance & Coastal Risk in Florida: Lessons on Availability & Affordability - Robert P. Hartwig, Ph.D., CPCU, Senior VP & Chief Economist, Insurance Information Institute

Appendix Six: The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Presentation - Jack Nicholson, Senior Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Officer

Documentation on future capacity needs & adjustments to the Fla. Hurricane Catastrophe Fund - Letter to Trustees re: Limit Adjustment - Jack Nicholson, Senior FHCF Officer


Appendix Seven: Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Presentation -  Bob Ricker, President and Executive Director, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Data Responses by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Susanne Murphy, General Counsel

Citizens Loss Mitigation Credits Description

Citizens Loss Mitigation Credits Summary

Citizens Depopulation History

Citizens Memo on Combining Citizens’ Accounts

Impact on Citizens if Coverage Reductions Occur with Hard Caps ($500,000)

Impact on Citizens if Coverage Reductions Occur with Hard Caps ($1,000,000)


Appendix Eight:  Testimony by Florida Insurance Council on Senate Bill 1486


Appendix Nine:   Hurricane Resistance Grading(s) for Residential Property


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