Florida Inter-Agency Grants Consortium

Participating Agencies Include:

Agency for Health Care Administration

The Agency for Health Care Administration is committed to better health care for all Floridians. The Agency administers Florida’s Medicaid program, licenses and regulates more than 40,000 health care facilities and 37 health maintenance organizations, and publishes health care data and statistics at FloridaHealthFinder.gov.

Agency for Persons with Disabilities

Serves Floridians with five developmental disabilities of autism, intellectual disabilities, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and Prader-Willi syndrome and pursues grant funding to support community inclusion for them.

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) seeks federal and state grant opportunities to enhance federal and state initiatives and programs in support of the mission of the Department to safeguard the public and support Florida's agricultural economy.

Department of Children and Families

Pursues grant funding for human services to support program and service improvements designed to protect the vulnerable, promote strong and economically self-sufficient families, and advance personal and family recovery and resiliency.

Department of Citrus

Pursues grant funding to support the FDOC's mission to grow the market for the Florida citrus industry to enhance the economic well-being of the Florida citrus grower, citrus industry and state of Florida. Requires research dollars to insure the sustainability of the citrus industry and its ability to provide a healthy product for the American consumer.

Department of Corrections

Pursues and secures grants and partnerships that will provide the Florida Department of Corrections with additional external funding and resources to enhance public safety and provide inmates and offenders under the department’s jurisdiction with comprehensive programs and services to assist in their successful re-entry into the community.

Department of Economic Opportunity

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) combines the state’s economic, workforce, and community development efforts to help expedite economic development projects to fuel job creation in competitive communities. For more information visit www.floridajobs.org.

Department of Elder Affairs

Seeks federal, state and private-sector grant opportunities to enhance federal and state initiatives, programs and services in support of Florida elders.

Department of Environmental Protection

Manages federal and state grant funding to support land and recreation programs and protection of natural resources.

Department of Financial Services

Responsible for adopting rules necessary to guide state agencies in implementing the Florida Single Audit Act. The Department also plays website host to and coordinator for the Florida Interagency grant Consortium.

Department of Health

To maximize funding opportunities, provide courteous, efficient, and timely education and technical support to our customers while conforming to all federal regulations, laws, and state statutes.

Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

Seeks grant funding and monitors agency grants that support program and service improvements for traffic safety, traffic enforcement, drivers’ licenses, motor vehicles and crash reporting.

Department of Juvenile Justice

Committed to increasing public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency through effective prevention, intervention, and treatment services for Florida's troubled youth.

Department of Management Services

DMS pursues grant funding to support the DMS’s mission to provide telecommunications services and support to Florida’s public sector. Grant areas include; 911, Emergency Management and Broadband.

Department of Revenue

Pursues grant funding to support program and service improvements in child support, property tax oversight and general tax administration and to help parents and taxpayers voluntarily comply with current law.

Department of State

Manages federal and state grant funding for Cultural and Historical Resources, Museums, Libraries and Florida County Supervisors of Elections.

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Pursues grant funding to support the FWC’s mission to manage fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being, and for the benefit of people. Manages federal and foundation grant funding to support projects that benefit Florida’s fish and wildlife resources.

Justice Administrative Commission

Administratively serves and routinely shares targeted grants information with 49 agencies, including the Offices of State Attorneys, Public Defenders, Capital Collateral Regional Counsels, the Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program, Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsels, and the Clerks of Court Operations Corporation. Also provides compliance and financial review of the Court-Appointed Attorney Due Process costs.

Office of the State Courts Administrator

The Office of the State Courts Administrator performs and oversees many of the administrative functions necessary to ensure the operations of the Florida State Courts System, including grants administration. The OSCA pursues grant funding to further the mission, vision and strategic priorities of the judicial branch