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The Division of Accounting and Auditing in the Florida Department of Financial Services processes all vendor payment requests for delivered goods and services for vendors doing business with the State of Florida.

Vendors may have questions about the status of their invoices and timing of payments from the state. Online resources are available for reference, including the individual vendor payment history page that will update with useful information through each stage of the payment process. Refer to the link below for vendor information.

For questions by telephone, please call (850) 413-5516.

Vendor Payment History
Vendors who receive payments from the State can view payments made and associated invoice information. It is necessary to know the vendor identification number and month of payment.

Consolidated Deductions
Vendors who receive payments for deductions from employees' paychecks may download the supporting detail information.

Vendors can print and fill out the direct deposit form and any others that may be available.

Statutory Interest Rates