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The Florida PALM Project has developed or supported the development of various resources throughout the Project’s lifecycle and has compiled these assets here. Project resources include documents and work products created by the Project team or submitted to the Project by outside entities, as well as other supporting information including Proviso and Business requirements. Additionally, the Project has developed a Glossary of terms. Please select a button below to view related resources.

Process Areas

The Project has identified 10 process areas that represent the State’s accounting and cash management process.


In 2013, the Florida Legislature, through the 2013 General Appropriations Act (GAA) authorized the Department of Financial Services (DFS) complete a study (Select the Flair Study Button for more information).

Business Requirements

Business Requirements detail the business solution for a project including documentation of customer needs and expectations.


The Florida PALM Project utilizes two entities for Project oversight to perform a continual evaluation of the Project against establish metrics and provide recommendations for maintaining or improving the health of the Project.


The Florida Legislature approves an annual General Appropriations Act (GAA). The GAA provides the budgetary outlay for the Project and describes criteria for the release of Project funds.

Project Management

The Florida PALM Project utilizes a robust Project Management Strategy in accordance with Florida Law. The Project employs a set of defined and repeatable project management processes to meet its cost, schedule, scope, and quality objectives.

Business Case

DFS has contracted with a third party consulting firm to complete the business case for maintaining any of the agency business systems identified in the 2014 FLAIR Study Inventory of Business Systems.

Data Management Plan

The Pre-DDI Data Management Plan lays the strategic foundation for a modern way of managing State financial data.

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