Jeff Atwater | CFO


To successfully address issues associated with the size and complexity of an endeavor such as the Florida PALM Project, collaboration is a priority. By engaging our stakeholders, other State of Florida agencies, other states, universities, cities, and public sector entities, the Florida PALM Project has increased its knowledge of financial management software and the needs of the State of Florida in the area of accounting and cash management. This has and will continue to facilitate the successful design, development, and implementation of Florida PALM.

The Florida PALM Project has created a tracking spreadsheet which displays meeting attendance by agency and individuals. To access this Excel spreadsheet, please click on the link.
Agency Participation Tracker


Florida PALM Project meetings are organized into five groups based on the category of meeting and the attendees. Select a button below to access the appropriate group.

Executive Steering Committee

Meetings of the Florida PALM Project’s Executive Steering Committee (ESC), which serves as the second tier of the Project Governance Structure.

Functional Collaboration

Events that focus on the identification, development, and discussion of Functional Business Requirements, business processes, and related topics.

Technical Collaboration

Events that focus on the identification, development, and discussion of Technical Business Requirements and related topics, including Florida PALM Project-specific technical needs.

Other Collaboration

Events that involve collaboration with entities that are not specifically functional or technical in nature. These include the Florida PALM Project’s Florida Financial Management Information System (FFMIS) partners and other States.

Vendor Meetings

Events that target potential vendors for specific information release.