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Frequently Asked Questions

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Project Overview
What is Florida PALM?

The Florida Planning, Accounting, and Ledger Management (PALM) Project is replacing the State of Florida’s current accounting and cash management systems with an integrated, enterprise financial management solution that will allow the State to organize, define, and standardize its financial management processes. See the Florida PALM Overview flyer for a quick overview of the Project.

What is a financial management solution?

A system that allows the State to organize, define, and standardize its financial management business processes and that complies with Sections 215.90-215.96, Florida Statutes.

What is the history of the Florida PALM Project?

In 2014, the Florida PALM Project was created with the goal of modernizing the state’s financial management processes and system. The Department of Financial Services established the Florida PALM Project Team. In July 2018, a contract was executed to design, build, and implement the Florida PALM Solution. See the Our Story page for more information about the history of Florida PALM.

Why do we need to replace the Florida Accounting Information Resource (FLAIR) and the Cash Management System (CMS)?

The Florida PALM Solution will provide the functions to support the state’s accounting and cash management in accordance with the approved standardized business processes.

What is the Project’s objective?

The Project’s objective is described in the Project vision and goals. The Project vision is to:

Implement a statewide financial management system that enforces standardization, acts as a scalable foundation to evolve as business needs change, and positions Florida for future innovation as it considers a true enterprise-wide solution.

Four solution goals have been identified to support the Project Vision:

  1. Reduce the State’s risk exposure by harnessing modern financial management technology built on the premises of scalability, flexibility, and maintainability;
  2. Improve State and agency-specific decision-making by capturing a consistent and expandable set of data;
  3. Improve the State’s financial management capabilities to enable more accurate oversight of budget and cash demands today and in the future; and
  4. Improve productivity, reduce operational complexity and increase internal controls by enabling standardization and automation of business processes within and between DFS and agencies.
Will Florida PALM provide the same level of functionality provided by Florida Accounting Information Resource (FLAIR) and Cash Management System (CMS)?

The Florida PALM Solution will provide the functions to support the state’s accounting and cash management in accordance to the approved standardized business processes.

What software will the State be using to implement Florida PALM?

The State has procured Oracle® PeopleSoft’s financial management software and Oracle Cloud-based infrastructure services.

How is the Project organized?

The Florida PALM Project is managed by the Department of Financial Services with governance established through an Executive Steering Committee. For details regarding Project Team structure, please see the Project Organization page.

What are Business Requirements and how will they be used?

Business Requirements are specific items that describe the required functional and technical capabilities of Florida PALM. They specify what the solution must do, not how it should do it.

Will Florida PALM procure any additional services?

During an organization’s transition to the Florida PALM Solution, there may be opportunities for vendors to provide support services. Vendors will need to work directly with organizations to determine organization-specific needs.

How is funding obtained for this Project?

Funding is appropriated each year and can be found in the General Appropriations Act released by the Legislature. Links to specific appropriations can be found on the Project’s Proviso page.

How will Florida PALM impact the current Florida Financial Management Information Systems (FFMIS) partners?

Florida PALM will replace the main components of the FLAIR subsystem (Central, Departmental, and Payroll) as well as the cash management and accounting management components of the CMS. Florida PALM will interface with all other FFMIS partners.

Will agencies be required to retire business system(s) after transitioning to Florida PALM?

Agencies should expect to retire the business systems that will duplicate Florida PALM functionality. Agencies should work with their Legislative committee staff to confirm the future of their business systems, and if there is a related plan for retirement as a result of Florida PALM implementation.

Will the Florida PALM Project Team provide training on the new system?

A variety of training options will be available to functional and technical staff who will use Florida PALM.

Solution Information
Will there be changes to the Chart of Accounts (COA)? Updated

There will be several changes to the Chart of Accounts structure (number of fields and lengths of fields) and values (numbering). The COA Design evolved and was refined through iterative and collaborative work with Department of Financial Services (DFS) Divisions and Offices, agencies, and enterprise partners. The COA Design establishes the statewide COA structure for all Waves and Phases. Learn more about the COA Design and structure on the Solution page.

Will the Florida PALM Project financial management solution interface with existing agencies business systems?

The Florida PALM Team and agencies will collaborate to define the interface needs for the financial management system. The Florida PALM solution will be developed to support the identified points of data exchanges with agency business systems.

Will terminology used in current systems be kept in Florida PALM?

The Florida PALM solution is a modern, commercially available financial management software application. Some new terminology will be introduced and explained as part of communications and training.

How will confidential material be handled in Florida PALM? What if there is a federal restriction on certain information?

Florida PALM will comply with applicable federal, state, and other regulations and rules. If you are aware of a Law or Rule that the Florida PALM Project has not accounted for, please contact the Team at

What reporting capabilities does Florida PALM offer?

Florida PALM will offer various types of reporting such as online lookups, queries, customizable reports, personal dashboards, and other methods.

How many digits will the invoice number be in Florida PALM?

Accounts Payable invoice numbers are 30 characters in length. These are the numbers that are captured from supplier invoices. Billing invoice numbers are slightly shorter at 22 characters in length. Billing invoice numbers are for those invoices the State generates and sends to its customers (state or external).

Timeline and Transition
What is the Project timeline?

The Florida PALM Project is planned to be a multi-phase project across nine years. The first release of functionality is scheduled for July 2021. The full timeline is located on the Project Timeline page.

How will agencies transition to Florida PALM?

All agencies will transition to Florida PALM in all waves which are based on financial management functionality (CMS, Central FLAIR, Payroll, Departmental FLAIR). View the Project Timeline for details on the implementation schedule.

How will agencies be involved in the Florida PALM implementation process and what may be expected of them?

Agencies have and will continue to be important partners in the design, build, test, and implementation activities of Florida PALM. Agencies will be asked to complete various activities as they prepare to transition their people, processes, and technology to Florida PALM.

How do agencies know what is happening on the Florida PALM Project?

The Florida PALM Team will use the Florida PALM website as a primary source to share information. In addition, agencies are encouraged to share information through their established Florida PALM Change Champion Network. Questions may be submitted to at any time.

Cash Management System Wave
Will agencies have users in Florida PALM at the CMS Wave? New

All agencies will have users in Florida PALM at the CMS Wave. Cash management functions (requesting bank accounts, obtaining reports related to bank deposits and return items, communicating with Treasury, trust fund investing/disinvesting processes, and Consolidated Revolving Account (CRA) reporting), will be replaced by Florida PALM.

Will the Project Team provide a crosswalk of FLAIR to Florida PALM values for agencies? New

A report will be available for agencies that provides FLAIR values that correspond to Florida PALM values. An interface of corresponding values will be available for use with agency business systems. Agencies will also be able to look-up values directly in Florida PALM.

Will all FLAIR COA values be configured in Florida PALM at the CMS Wave? New

For the CMS Wave, Florida PALM will configure Business Unit, Budget Entities, and Fund values according to the COA design. Category and Account values will be limited to only those needed to support the CMS Wave business processes.

What is the difference between budgetary and transactional funds? New

Budgetary funds are Florida PALM fund values where appropriations will be loaded. Transactional funds are Florida PALM fund values where day-to-day business occurs and where cash balances may be stored. Budgetary fund values will be numeric while transactional fund values can contain both alpha and/or numeric characters.

How are the transactional fund values assigned? New

Transactional fund values are sequentially numbered and follow the outlined structure of the COA design. If a fund, such as the Grants and Donations trust fund, has multiple agency users, the agencies are sorted by their OLOs and assigned sequential Florida PALM transactional fund values to represent each individual FLAIR Fund Identifier.

Why are Local funds not shown on the Fund Configuration Workbook? New

Local funds will be confirmed as part of a separate effort to identify bank account configurations and the related Local Fund.

Why is the attribute for GAAFR fund different in Florida PALM from what is currently in FLAIR? New

Florida PALM will configure the GAAFR fund that is used by the Department of Financial Services, Division of Accounting & Auditing for financial statement preparation. This GAAFR fund is based on what is reported on the Working Trial Balance. If agencies have FLAIR Fund Identifiers with identical numbers that are distinguished by using different GAAFRs, those will have a uniquely numbered fund in Florida PALM.

Will Florida PALM budget check transactions? New

Central FLAIR will continue to be the enterprise cash and budget control and maintain those balances until the Central Wave is implemented. Florida PALM will check the invested cash balance for disinvestment transactions upon implementation of the CMS Wave.

What is the Edit Check functionality in Florida PALM? New

The “Edit Check” functionality will confirm active COA values and validate COA combinations.

Will agency investments activities currently performed through CMS and the Treasury's website be performed in Florida PALM? New

Agency’s current investment activities performed through CMS and the Treasury’s website will be performed in Florida PALM at the CMS Wave implementation.

What is the purpose of a subfund? New

A subfund is a transactional fund in Florida PALM and is intended to represent lower level funds. They are referred to as the subaccount today in CMS. The budget will continue be at the six-digit Fund Identifier level in Central FLAIR until the Central Wave implementation. Agencies can transfer between subfunds of the same “parent” fund in Florida PALM.