Jeff Atwater | CFO


Agencies hold an integral role in the successful establishment of Florida PALM. Frequent collaboration is critical to the Project’s design, build, and implementation of an integrated, modern financial management solution. The Florida PALM Project makes collaboration a priority.

The Project recognizes the importance of sharing relevant information regarding the Florida PALM Solution which supports the united work of the State through the life cycle of the transition.

Through the life cycle of the Florida PALM implementation, this page will continually update and evolve. As agencies will transition to Florida PALM in three separate Waves, agencies should confirm that they are viewing materials related to their agency’s Wave.


Change Champion Network

Information to support the State’s successful transition to the Florida PALM Solution by providing a way to communicate with, support, and engage with our collaborative partners early and often throughout the transition.

Meetings & Workshops

Documentation for collaboration with stakeholders with a focus on the design, development, and implementation of the Florida PALM Solution.

Posters & Prints

Materials created for stakeholders depicting and celebrating the State’s journey.