Jeff Atwater | CFO

Project Organization

The Florida PALM Project falls under the State Chief Financial Officer and is led by the Project Director. As shown below, the Project is organized into four work streams known as Tracks. Each Track is staffed to simultaneously support the mission of the Project. Each of the Tracks fill a unique role and are vital to the success of the project.

Florida PALM Project Organizational Chart


Systems and Data Strategy (SDS) Track
Responsible for developing and executing technical strategies for the new financial management solution (FMS).

Business Process Standardization (BPS) Track
Responsible for developing and executing business process standardization activities.

Project Management Office (PMO) Track
Responsible for developing and executing project management processes for all Project phases and managing procurement activities.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Track
Responsible for leading, delivering, and supporting the execution of organizational change management and workforce transition strategies, tools, programs, curriculum, training, and plans.


Although each Track has a defined set of responsibilities, Project Track’s work efforts often overlap resulting in significant collaboration. In this way, all Tracks contribute to the success of the Project regardless of their overall involvement in any one aspect.

The Project employs Oversight as the fifth Track. The two members of the Oversight Track are:

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) – 3rd party Review and evaluation of Project policy and procedures; and
  • Agency for State Technology (AST) – The State agency responsible for oversight of State IT projects that meet specific criteria