Jeff Atwater | CFO


The Florida PALM Project’s (Project) Governance is organized into two Tiers with specific roles and responsibilities delegated to each Tier. The first Tier (Tier 1) consists of the Project Director. The Project Director is charged with managing the Project in conformance with the approved Project Management Plan (PMP) and the Florida Information Technology Project Management and Oversight Standards, Chapter 74-1, F.A.C.  Tier 2 consists of the Florida PALM Executive Steering Committee (ESC).

Decisions involving the following three areas will be made by the ESC (Tier 2):

  1. Scope – Changes that modify the project scope as documented in the approved Project Management Plan;
  2. Schedule – Changes to major deliverable due dates or key project milestone dates (critical path); and
  3. Cost – Variances of greater than +/- 10% of project budget within spend plan categories, as long as it does not result in overall project cost overruns.

The ESC is comprised of 15 members from multiple State of Florida Agencies. The current committee structure is:

Executive Steering Committee figure identifying the committee members and their agency and group associations.


More information about the Project’s governance is contained in Appendix A of the Project Charter.

For more information on the ESC, meeting information, and meeting documents, please visit the Executive Steering Committee page on our site.