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Division Director

Tanner Holloman

Assistant Director

Andrew Sabolic

Workers' Compensation
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Workers' Compensation Claims
(800) 342-1741
Workers' Compensation Exemption/ Compliance
(850) 413-1609

Desk Audits

When a self-insurer reports its annual Form SI-5 (Payroll Report), the Division reviews the submission for accuracy and completeness. If the Division has questions or concerns about the payroll or classifications reported on the form, it may conduct a "Desk Audit" to make certain the self-insurer is reporting accurate and complete information.

The Division's premium auditor will require that the self-insurer provide its supporting documentation for Form SI-5 (Payroll Report). Supporting documentation may include an employer’s payroll reports, employees payroll ledgers, UCT-6 reports and a list of employees and their related job duties. Upon the completion of a desk audit the Division will issue a final report. To learn more about the Division’s desk audit process, please review the objectives below.



Florida Statutes:

Auditor's Objective:

  • Accuracy of overall payroll reporting
  • Proper reporting of overtime
  • Executive Officers payroll limitation rule
  • Payroll inclusion and exclusion
  • Correct classification codes for employees

Premium Audit Contacts: