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BCM has an External Collateral Administration Program ("ECAP") that allows users to log into our system with useful capabilities such as submitting monthly reports, reviewing currently pledged or deposited collateral, updating contact persons, and adding additional external users.

ECAP is a secure website so you can have confidence that submitting your monthly reports is safe.

Please note, ECAP has the following limitations: a QPD may not initiate collateral deposits or releases through ECAP and QPD annual reports may not be filed through ECAP. These limitations are due to the fact that such filings results in errors when a collateral item does not yet exist in our system or when a public depositor record hasn’t been established in our system.

The log-in to ECAP is located here. Please contact Kenny Lee at (850) 413-3383 or Kenneth.Lee@MyFloridaCFO.com to request a user ID and password.