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Collateral Programs Administered by BCM

As of October 31, 2017, the Bureau of Collateral Management ("BCM") was administering more than $12.1 billion in assets related to the following programs and regulatory agencies:

  • Florida's public deposits program which represents the majority of collateral assets administered by BCM.
  • A cash escrow service which represents the 2nd largest source of collateral assets administered by BCM. These accounts relate primarily to collateral that is required by agencies such as the Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection and water management districts.
  • Insurance company collateral required by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation ("OIR").
  • Trust business collateral required by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation ("OFR").
  • Collateral that certain providers in Florida's deferred compensation retirement program must deposit with BCM.
  • Collateral that certain Florida Lottery retailers and vendors must deposit with BCM.
  • BCM also acts to safekeep certain physical items on behalf of government agencies such as stock certificates and computer software discs.

You can see more details here if you're interested in the amounts and types of assets administered by BCM.