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About the Bureau of Collateral Management

The Bureau of Collateral Management ("BCM") specializes in the administration of various assets that are deposited with or pledged to BCM either as collateral or for safekeeping. Collateral assets are required of various entities by state agencies and other Florida governmental units as a condition of doing business in Florida and BCM is Florida's collateral management service provider under Section 17.59, Florida Statutes ("F.S.") Additionally, BCM administers Florida's public deposits program pursuant to Chapter 280, F.S.

BCM is able to provide specialized services for a variety of state agencies and regulatory authorities that would not be cost effective for any individual authority. BCM conducts the following services when administering collateral on behalf of a Florida agency or regulatory authority:

  • Maintains account information
  • Evaluates securities or other assets (e.g. CDs) for eligibility
  • Confirms collateral held by 3rd party custodians
  • Processes cash deposits and disbursements

Lastly, BCM also ensures minimum collateral values are maintained and notifies participating agencies in cases of collateral deficiencies.

You can read more here about the collateral programs administered by BCM and learn more details about the amount and types of assets we administer.