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Plans Review Section 

Plans Review Fees, Procedures and Requirements

The plans for all construction of any new state owned or state lease building and renovation or alteration of any existing state owned or state leased building are subject to review and approval of the Division of State Fire Marshal for compliance with the Uniform Fire Safety Standards prior to commencement of construction or change of occupancy.  The Division of State Fire Marshal may inspect state owned and state leased spaces as necessary prior to occupancy or during construction, renovation, or alteration to ascertain compliance with the uniform fire safety standards as per Florida Statutes 633.085 and 69A-52, Florida Administrative Code.

69A-3.009 (12) , FAC, defines a state owned building as:

(a) “State-owned building,” as used in Chapter 633, F.S., and any rule adopted by the State Fire Marshal, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection, means any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy of which the state, any state agency or department, or the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund is the record owner of the legal title to such structure.

(b) “State-owned building” does not mean or include a pole barn, a picnic shelter, a lift station, an animal pen, an animal feeder, a pump house, a one-family private residence, a two-family private residence, a forestry fire tower or other fire tower, a radio tower, a building no longer in use, an empty building, or a greenhouse.


The Life Safety portion of the plans shall be designed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101, Life Safety Code; NFPA 1, Fire Prevention Code; and adopted NFPA Standards. See Florida Administrative Code 69A-3.012 for the adopted edition of NFPA 101 & 1 and a list of adopted NFPA Standards.  


The fee for plans review is determined by multiplying the estimated construction/ renovation cost of the building, by the constant 0.0025.   The minimum fee is $100.00.  This does not include the cost of the land, site improvements, civil work or furniture & equipment.

Example:   $1,000.000.00 Construction Cost x .0025 = 2,500.00 Fee


After plans are received an invoice will be prepared and sent at which time payment can be made by personal check, money order or, if a state agency is paying, a Samas – Journal Transfer. Please make check or money order payable to the Department of Financial Services. Fill in the memo portion with “SFM Plans Review fee” and return payment with invoice. 


Plans and specifications are required to be signed and sealed in accordance with Florida Statute. Submit completed application form DFS-K3-1973 and two sets of plans and one set of specifications to: 

If Sending By Regular Mail                     If Sending By Overnight  Service       

Division of State Fire Marshal                 Division of State Fire Marshal
Plans Review Section                                Plans Review Section
200 East Gaines Street                              325 John Knox Road, Atrium Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0342              Tallahassee, Florida 32303


The Division of State Fire Marshal will require the submitter to furnish two sets of plans and one set of specifications for review to the Plans Review Section.  The submitter may, however, submit plans at an earlier stage, i.e., design review, in which case only one unsigned set needs to be submitted. Only one design review will be allowed per project.  When the documents are approved for construction, the plans and specs will be stamped "APPROVED" and returned to the submitter.  The stamped set of plans must be kept on the job site for the Fire Safety Inspector's use at the time of inspection.  It shall be the responsibility of the submitter to see that the "approved" set of plans is on the construction site before work begins and remains there until final inspection and approval has been issued.  Plan approval is good for one year from the date of issue.  The construction contract must be let within this period or the approval will expire and the plans must be re-submitted with another review fee.

The editions of the pertinent codes that will apply to your project will be those that are adopted at the date of your first submittal, regardless of phase, i.e. 50% or final, and will not change even if a newer edition is adopted during the review process.   

Any change orders or redesign during construction that affect life safety shall be submitted for review with the State Fire Marshal’s file number indicated.  There is no additional fee required for changes. 

The review process allows 30 calendar days for review of all state-owned property and 10 working days for review of state leased property. 

If there are any special circumstances or hazards that require further clarification, the reviewer will attempt to contact you; therefore, please include the name and telephone number of a contact person with your plan submission.  Please remember that if you are called and asked for additional information or clarification, the reviewer needs this information in writing before he can approve the project.  If the statutory time (10 working days on a lease or 30 calendar days on state owned) expires he must disapprove the project and a re-submittal process may add further delay to the project.


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