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Division Director

Toma Wilkerson

Assistant Division Director

Mary Linzee Branham

Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
Alexander Building
2020 Capital Circle SE
Suite 310
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Related Documents

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Date Title PDF
Court Documents
07/06/2009 Consent Order Appointing the Florida Department of Financial Services as Receiver for Purposes of Rehabilitation, Injunction, and Notice of Automatic Stay 90K
10/13/2009 Receiver's Status Report and Motion for Approval of Rehabilitation Plan 910K
10/19/2009 Order Approving Proposed Plan of Rehabilitation 190K
07/10/2012 Receiver's Status Report and Motion for Approval of Rehabilitation Plan and Cancellation of Out of State Policies. 692K
07/10/2012 Order Approving Revised Plan of Rehabilitation and Cancellation of Out of State Policies. 24K
09/04/2012 Title Insurance Assessment 840K
10/28/2014 Order Accepting Receiver's Status Report and Granting Motion for an Assessment in Accordance with Section 631.400, Florida Statutes 499K
12/19/2014 2014 Title Insurance Assessment For National Title Insurance Company Rehabilitation 998K
10/14/2015 2015 Title Insurance Assessment For National Title Insurance Company Rehabilitation 1641K
Financial Statements
03/31/2009 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 225K
06/30/2009 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 226K
09/30/2009 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 2,090K
12/31/2009 Annual NAIC Financial Statement 1,890K
03/31/2010 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 6.51M
06/30/2010 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 258.K
09/30/2010 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 257K
12/31/2010 Annual NAIC Financial Statement 770K
03/31/2011 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 363K
12/31/2011 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 363K
06/30/2012 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 363K
09/30/2012 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 639K
12/31/2012 Quarterly NAIC Financial Statement 2,051K
03/31/2013 Quarterly Financial Statement 2,047K
06/30/2013 Quarterly Financial Statement 2,032K
09/30/2013 Quarterly Financial Statement 122K
12/31/2013 Quarterly Financial Statement 122K
03/31/2014 Quarterly Financial Statement 301K
06/30/2014 Quarterly Financial Statement 59K
09/30/2014 Quarterly Financial Statement 58K
12/31/2014 Quarterly Financial Statement 52K
03/31/2015 Quarterly Financial Statement 54K
06/30/2015 Quarterly Financial Statement 55K
09/30/2015 Quarterly Financial Statement 82K
12/31/2015 Quarterly Financial Statement 53K
03/31/2016 Quarterly Financial Statement 54K
06/30/2016 Quarterly Financial Statement 82K
09/30/2016 Quarterly Financial Statement 60K
12/31/2016 Quarterly Financial Statement 60K
03/31/2017 Quarterly Financial Statement 55K
06/30/2017 Quarterly Financial Statement 55K
09/30/2017 Quarterly Financial Statement 68K
07/14/2009 Notice to Agent or Broker Regarding the Rehabilitation of National Title Insurance Company 95K
07/25/2012 Notice of Cancellation of All National Title Insurance Policies in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee 16K
11/16/2012 Assessment Recoupment Notice issued by the Florida OIR 36K