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Division Director

Toma Wilkerson

Assistant Division Director

Mary Linzee Branham

Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
Alexander Building
2020 Capital Circle SE
Suite 310
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Automobile Warranty Premium Refund Information

I have a claim for return of unearned premium. What do I do?

The refund process is defined by Florida Statutes, Chapter 631. Claims for unearned premium on your automobile warranty policy may be considered claims against the First Commercial estate.

In order to protect your right to any unearned premium claim, you must submit a proof of claim form to the Receiver. The Receiver previously mailed proof claim forms to all known auto warranty claimants and the claim filing deadline of August 17, 2010 has passed.

When am I getting my premium refund?

It is currently unknown when, and if, you will receive a refund of unearned premium on your auto warranty. Unearned premium refunds become a claim against the First Commercial estate so long as you complete and submit a proof of claim form.