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Public Adjusters

If an adjuster asks you to sign a contract for a fee or a percentage of your claim payment to adjust your claim, you’ve probably been approached by a public adjuster. A public adjuster must be licensed by DFS, and does not work for or represent your insurance company. Ask to see their public adjuster photo license. Public adjusters will represent you by adjusting your claim and presenting it to your insurance company.

Important Things to Remember

  • Soliciting by public adjusters is limited to Mon. - Sat., 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • For initial claims for damages caused by a disaster that results in a state of emergency being declared by the Governor, the fees are limited to 10 percent of the claim payment for one year after the declaration of an emergency, thereafter the limit is 20 percent.

  • Public adjusters cannot charge fees for claim payments made before the date they enter into a contract with you.

  • Fees are negotiable.

  • An insured or claimant may cancel a contract with a public adjuster within three business days after it is executed without any penalty. Any contract entered into with a public adjuster within a year after a state of emergency is declared can be cancelled within five business days without penalty.

Hiring a public adjuster does not guarantee a larger claim payment or a faster settlement. Your public adjusting contract obligates the insurance company to add the public adjuster as an additional payee on the claim check and is legally binding.

If you suspect an adjuster is working without a license, if they urge you to overstate an insurance claim or if you otherwise suspect fraud, call 1-800-22-STORM or (850) 413-3089.