Volume 3, No. 3 - May 2012

Enforcement Actions

- March and April 2012

Some of the following disciplinary actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of disciplinary actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, our readers are cautioned to check with the department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings.

Copies of disciplinary actions can be located by searching the Division of Legal Services' database. For further information, you may make a public records request via email.

Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

AbadLinoP002753 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Absolute First Title LLC P192177 TitleFined$500 Key Largo, FL 
All American Abstract Company E002119 TitleFined$500 Phoenixville, PAConsent Order
AltmanTimothyA309966 Bail BondFined$550 Tavares, FLConsent Order
AlvarezOrlandoP065346 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Hialeah, FLOrder of Suspension
American Insurance Agencies Direct, Inc. L077834 Insurance AgencyFined$7,500 Lakewood Ranch, FLConsent Order
ArencibiaLuisA007957 Public AdjusterFined$500 Miami, FLConsent Order
Avanti Insurance Services L059476 Insurance AgencyLicense Revoked  Jupiter, FLConsent Order
BarriosLeopoldinaA014786 General LinesLicense Suspended 1 Year$5,000 Miami, FLConsent Order
BattlePatrickA015980 Surplus LinesFined$1,000 Miami Lakes, FLConsent Order
BlandingBeverlyA303345 Bail BondProbation and Fined$5,000 Punta Gorda, FLConsent Order
Brasovan IIILouisA029025 General Lines, Life, HealthProbation and Fined$1,000 Haines City, FLConsent Order
Brokers Title Group LLC P228012 TitleFined$500 Aventura, FLConsent Order
BuffkinPhillipW003501 General LinesLicense Revoked  Tallahassee, FLNotice of Revocation
BynumLa-TanyaE071740 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Surrendered  Brooklyn, NYConsent Order
CareyPatriciaP192170 General LinesFined$500 Davenport, FLConsent Order
Competitive Insurance Inc. L029794 Insurance AgencyProbation and Fined$1,000 Haines City, FLConsent Order
Consumer Land Title Insurance Agency A301970 TitleFined$500 Coral Gables, FLConsent Order
Cosmopolitan Title & Escrow Services LLC E034283 TitleFined$500 Hialeah, FLConsent Order
Cutaia, Sr.AnthonyP063741 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Boca Raton, FLNotice of Revocation
Danaher, Jr.DanielP046063 General LinesProbation and Fined$2,000 Vero Beach, FLConsent Order
DeleslinDaleE112934 Bail BondFined$500 Tavares, FLConsent Order
Desjarlais Title Company E004199 TitleFined$500 Sarasota, FLConsent Order
Direct Settlement Services LP E076559 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Pittsburgh, PAOrder of Suspension
Dodd (Lafleur)BrendaA147768 General LinesProbation and Fined$2,500 Hollywood, FLConsent Order
DormanPattyP084292 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Washington, OKConsent Order
DubeDavidE180294 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Largo, FLConsent Order
EspadaLuisA301756 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityFined$2,500 Holly Hill, FLConsent Order
Fernandez-BangoCristianE180831 General LinesLicense Suspended 1 Year  $105Coral Gables, FLConsent Order
First Title of Southwest Florida Inc E026111 TitleFined$1,000 Fort Myers, FL 
FloresRachelP124761 Customer RepresentativeLicense Revoked  Davie, FLOrder of Revocation
Fortune Title, Inc. P110428 TitleFined$500 Coral Gables, FL 
FournierPaulA088190 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Brandon, FLConsent Order
GalgueraAmparoE183048 Public AdjusterProbation and Fined$1,500 Miami Lakes, FLConsent Order
GomesPauloE064209General Lines, Auto Warranty SalespersonLicense Suspended 12 Months  Deerfield Beach, FLConsent Order
GonzalezGuillermoE132417 Public AdjusterProbation and Fined$750 Hialeah, FLConsent Order
Heartland Title Ins Agency Company A114965 TitleFined$500 Sebring, FLConsent Order
HerediaJanetP053776 Public AdjusterProbation and Fined$1,500 Miami, FLConsent Order
Home Title Agency, Inc. A311844 TitleFined$1,000 Coral Gables, FLConsent Order
Hometown Title Services, Inc. E056046 TitleFined$1,000 Pompano Beach, FLConsent Order
HughesChristopherA125368General Lines, Life, Health, Variable Annuity Probation and Fined $1,500$1,567Winter Haven, FLConsent Order
Innovative Ins & Financial Services, Inc. L062929 Insurance AgencyProbation and Fined$500$11,901.01Lake Wales, FL 
Insurance USA & Associates, Inc. L055932 Insurance AgencyLicense Revoked  Sarasota, FLConsent Order
Insurance USA & Associates Inc. - 194788 L065553 Insurance AgencyLicense Revoked  Sarasota, FLConsent Order
JenkinsBellaP056849 General LinesLicense Revoked  Tampa, FLConsent Order
KEL Title Insurance Agency, Inc. D082761 TitleLicense Surrendered for 2 Years  Altamonte Springs, FLConsent Order
KennyWilliamP156821 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityProbation and Fined$1,000 Tampa, FLConsent Order
LamchickEricE180640 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityProbation and Fined$1,500 Deerfield Bch, FLConsent Order
LevyJayW028309 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Miami, FLConsent Order
LomoglioKarenE058936 TitleProbation and Fined$5,000 Brandon, FLConsent Order
LopezRoseP127099 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Hialeah, FLOrder of Suspension
LtaifJoseE109643 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Coral Gables, FLOrder of Suspension
MartinezVictorA167123 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, Legal ExpenseProbation and Fined$500$11,901.01Lake Wales, FL 
McGradyJamesA172747 Bail BondFined$1,400 Lake Worth, FLConsent Order
MiltonSandraE187148 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Motor Vehicle Solutions LLC P141034 Auto Warranty SalespersonProbation and Fined$2,500 Saint Peters, MOConsent Order
NaefkeDavidP002150 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Las Vegas, NVConsent Order
Nations Direct Title Agency LLC P062755 TItleFined$1,000 Ormond Beach, FL 
NolanAdolphusA192800 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityFined$1,500 Desoto, TXConsent Order
PapaLorenzoE180901 General Lines, Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Jupiter, FLConsent Order
QuinonezEduardoA213610 All Lines Company AdjusterPermanently Barred  Margate, FLConsent Order
ReyesJoelW016200 Bail BondFined$500 Tavares, FL 
RiveraTanyaP173110 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 2 Months  Spring Hill, FL 
RocourtFrantzA223343 General LinesLicense Revoked  Miami, FLConsent Order
RodriguezRobertA224038 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Miami, FLNotice of Revocation
RodriguezRodolfoP058507 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Coral Gables, FLOrder of Suspension
RTC Title, Inc. P130578 TitleFined$500 Coral Springs, FLConsent Order
RubioSuzanneE124316 Life, Variable AnnuityProbation and Fined$2,500 Boca Raton, FL 
RutsteinDavidA229037 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityPermanently Barred  Boca Raton, FLConsent Order
SeguraSandraA237846 General Lines, Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Suspended 9 Months  Hialeah, FLConsent Order
SettleDustinP134812 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Burlington, WANotice of Revocation
Shoreline Title Ins Agncy of Volusia, Inc. E076492 TitleFined$500 Edgewater, FL 
SinghLarryA303330 Bail BondLicense Surrendered  Miami, FLConsent Order
SmalbachNealA245277 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Palm Harbor, FLConsent Order
SmithStanleyA247728 General Lines, Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Suspended 6 Months  Cocoa, FLConsent Order
Southern Associates Title LLC P226771 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Boca Raton, FLConsent Order
SteinGregA253321 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityCease & Desist and Fined$3,000 Boca Raton, FL 
StellaRoyP005306 All Lines Company AdjusterPermanently Barred  Margate, FLConsent Order
SuarezDianeA099982General Lines, Life, Health, Variable Annuity Probation and Fined$2500$100Lake Worth, FLConsent Order
ThebeauClarieceE018416 Bail BondFined$800 Fort Lauderdale, FLConsent Order
The Title Group of Central Florida Inc. D072301 TitleFined$1,000 Orlando, FL 
Title Services of Florida LLC E036993 TitleLicense Surrendered  Brandon, FLConsent Order
Title USA LLC W060365 TitleFined$500 Crystal River, FLConsent Order
Titles Unlimited Inc. A265855 TitleFined$500 Miami, FLConsent Order
Trista (Wright)LeslieE026808 Bail BondFined$2,000 Cutler Bay, FLConsent Order
ValuAmerica Inc A271379 TitleProbation and Fined$12,000 Tampa, FLConsent Order
Vazquez Jr.LuisP041393 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Wall, IIIJohnA276354 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Lake Butler, FLConsent Order
WeissMarkW017724 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Suspended 18 Months  $1,114Holladay, UTConsent Order
WilsonVictoriaP166668 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Hollywood, FLNotice of Revocation
Willis of Florida, Inc. L009405 Insurance AgencyFined$28,000 New York, NYConsent Order
WoolfScottW007680 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  North Port, FLOrder of Suspension


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