Volume 3, No. 2 - March 2012

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Office Orders Companies to Cease and Desist the Unauthorized and Unlicensed Sale of Insurance in Florida

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty issued an order on March 20, 2012, to United States Contractors Trust (USCT) and Access Health Now (ACCESS) to cease and desist engaging in the unauthorized and unlicensed sale of insurance in the State of Florida. The Office conducted an investigation and concluded that USCT and ACCESS provided and/or offered to provide limited health insurance to Florida residents without a license. USCT is a Delaware statutory trust and ACCESS does business via its website, www.accesshealthnow.com. Both represent themselves as membership associations which offer their members accident and healthcare benefits. Office records indicate USCT and ACCESS have never been authorized to sell health insurance in the State of Florida.
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PearsonVUE Now Handles the Entire Examination

As of February 24, 2012, the Department ceased collecting examination fees. Persons who wish to schedule an examination are now directed to our examination vendor's website for payment and scheduling. The examination vendor is PearsonVUE. This new process allows individuals to test without first submitting a license application with the Department, although the option of applying first remains. This will speed up the examination process since exam candidates no longer need authorization from the Department to take the examination. Due to this change, there will no longer be examination-only applications. The bail bond application process has not changed and bail bond applicants must first apply for a license and become authorized before scheduling and paying for the examination.

This process improvement has led to the examination fee dropping to $42 per exam, which is a 25% savings to our customers. The cost savings exemplifies our mission to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket, where it belongs.

Please note that passing an examination does not mean a person will automatically qualify to obtain a license.

For questions, please refer to the license qualifications for the appropriate license type and class or read the frequently asked questions we receive.

Rule Regarding Appointment Renewals Being Amended

The Department has proposed rule amendments to Rule 69B-211.004, Florida Administrative Code, relating to the appointment renewal process, to revise the existing rule to reflect certain provisions of the Florida Insurance Code that have been amended since the rule was last amended. The effect of the proposed rule amendments is to provide clear and concise information to appointing entities about the appointment renewal process and the fees for noncompliance with the law. A rule development workshop was held on Thursday, March 8, 2012.
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Rules Regarding Adjusters Being Amended

The Department has proposed rule amendments to Rule Chapter 69B-220, Florida Administrative Code, relating to adjusters, to update the rules and incorporate recent legislative changes to Part VI of Chapter 626, Florida Statutes. The proposed changes clarify the responsibilities and requirements of adjusters and public adjuster apprentices, specify the terms and conditions of contracts, require the license number on advertisements, and prescribe practices to ensure fair dealing between adjusters and claimants. The proposed changes also update the Code of Ethics for all adjusters and delete provisions that reiterate or paraphrase existing statutes. A rule development workshop was held on Thursday, March 22, 2012.
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Penalty Guidelines for Bail Bond Agents Effective February 23, 2012

Rule Chapter 69B-241, Florida Administrative Code, relating to penalty guidelines for bail bond agents, has been adopted and became effective on February 23, 2012. The rule chapter establishes clear standards for penalties imposed upon bail agents subject to the provisions of Chapter 648, F.S., and Rule Chapter 69B-221, F.A.C. The rule also incorporates a form that is to be used by the Department when offering licensees the opportunity to pay a fine for certain alleged non-criminal violations, in lieu of the administrative hearing process.
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Make Sure You Don't Miss Important Information From Us

Add our domain MyFloridaCFO.com to your email software's Trusted or Safe Senders List to ensure you are able to receive all notifications from us. Licensees who have a valid email address on file with the Department, as required by law, receive important email notifications when something that affects your application, license, continuing education, or appointment(s) occurs. Additionally, we will keep you informed with warnings regarding new schemes and scams being marketed to licensees. You can update your contact information through your MyProfile account. We want to keep you informed in a timely manner of pertinent information important to you. You are still required to abide by the Florida Insurance Code regardless of whether you read the information we provide or attempt to provide.


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