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Volume 1, No. 2 - July 2012

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Adopted Rule and Form Changes Regarding Customer Representatives

Amendments to Rule Chapter 69B-213, Florida Administrative Code, relating to customer representatives, have been adopted. The effective date of the rule amendments is July 30, 2012. The Designation or Deletion of Supervising Agent for Customer Representatives and Limited Customer Representatives form can be found on our website under the Forms section. Please know that only designations of supervising agent for customer representatives that are made or terminated after July 30, 2012, require the form to be submitted to the Department. Any designation made or terminated before July 30, 2012, are not required to be submitted to the Department. The form can also be emailed to the Department as indicated on the form.
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Adopted Rule Changes Regarding Appointment Renewal Procedures

Amendments to Rule 69B-211.004, Florida Administrative Code, relating to appointment renewal procedures, have been adopted. The effective date of the rule amendments is July 30, 2012.
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Just a Few Clicks Away: Florida's Insurance Marketplace

Florida Health Choices, Inc. was established in 2008 by the Florida Legislature with the goal of increasing access to affordable, quality health care. Florida's Insurance Marketplace is the result. The Marketplace is a competitive web-based shopping experience that allows easy access to and side-by-side comparison of health care options. In 2012, Florida Health Choices began to roll out the Marketplace in phases and start by serving small businesses with 4 to 50 employees.

What products will be offered? Initially vendors will offer insurance and limited benefit plans. In later phases provider organizations may participate with prepaid service contracts offered by health clinics, health providers, pharmacies, service networks, group practices, and professional associations. Other groups may offer health services for a specified amount and type of service or treatment. Payroll services, medical savings accounts and other insurance options that are helpful to employers can also be offered.

What part will agents play in the Marketplace? Agents will be able to register online and guide small business clients through the process of obtaining quotes, picking a carrier and assist with enrolling employees. When they enroll, employees will have up to four different plans to choose from that are offered by the chosen carrier. The Marketplace will provide one point of access with standardized information for simultaneous quotes from multiple carriers. Agents will be able to manage their client groups, engage new client groups, monitor deadlines, send reminders, and more in this web-based portal.

How can agents register in the Marketplace? Starting in September 2012, agents will register online. There are no fees to register and participate in the Marketplace. The agent will enter their Florida License Number issued by the Florida Department of Financial Services and their last name. The system compares the information entered to data on file with the Florida Department of Financial Services to confirm the license is in an active status with the State of Florida. An email notification confirms the agent's active status in the Marketplace. After registration is complete, the agent will have 90 days to complete Marketplace training, but can immediately begin familiarizing themselves with the Marketplace.

Agents will be able to list their agency affiliation each time a new group is brought to the Marketplace. When an agent enrolls a new group, the Marketplace will notify the selected carrier and identify the responsible agent. Agent commissions will be paid by carriers through regular channels and will not be managed by the Marketplace.

The Marketplace will evolve and grow to include more vendors, products, and web-based functionality in each phase. Soon the Marketplace will be announcing carriers that have completed the on-boarding process and whose plans will be available to small employer groups in Fall 2012. To monitor the implementation progress of Florida's Insurance Marketplace, visit

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