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Volume 1, No. 2 - July 2012

In The Know

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Division's New Website Launches August 1, 2012

The Division of Agent and Agency Services' redesigned public website will be live as of August 1, 2012. We anticipate this to improve customer service by simplifying some of the pages the division had that contain large amounts of information.

Not only does the look change, the website address changes too. It will change from to Please note the addition of Division/. Customers who attempt to access the old website's homepage will be automatically redirected to the new website. The redirect will only be in place temporarily for the next month or two to allow customers to update their bookmarks/favorites. If you have any of our website pages bookmarked, you will need to update your bookmarks after Wednesday, August 1, 2012.

Marking Emails from the Department as SPAM

If a licensee marks an email notification from the Department as SPAM, they may not get our future emails but will still be held responsible for complying with the Florida Insurance Code. We have become aware that some licensees mark our communications as SPAM accidentally since they are quickly and without much attention marking a lot of messages in their Inbox as SPAM. Please be sure to pay close attention when you are doing this as it could cause you to unknowingly violate the Florida Insurance Code or miss important information about your license.

For example, we notify you via email that your CE requirement is due and you mark the message as SPAM. Our system receives notification of this then marks your email address as an invalid email address and no longer send emails to it. From that point on, you do not receive the email notifications we attempt to send to you that you have passed your due date and ultimately lose any and all appointments you have (and it may reach the point where your license expires). That one simple click marking our message as SPAM can lead to this situation. Unfortunately, if it reaches this final point of the license expiring, you may have to re-qualify as a first-time applicant, including passing an examination.

Additionally, if we receive a bounced response to an email notification we send you, our system will mark your email address as an invalid email address and no longer send emails to it. If your email address changes, you are required by law to notify us. This can easily be done through your MyProfile account.