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Volume 1, No. 2 - July 2012

Education Central

- Things to know about your continuing education

Satisfied with the CE Course You Took?

Were you satisfied with the last course you took for your continuing education?

Our Department works diligently to assure that Florida offers a quality menu of CE courses. This includes reviewing submittals for approval of a CE provider, instructor, course, and course offering. While the department has a program in place to audit such approved personnel and course material, it is not possible to attend every offering of an approved course.

We rely on feedback from our licensees to notify us whenever a serious concern arises. The following are experiences that could be reported to help improve the quality of continuing education in Florida:

  1. The instructor did not appear knowledgeable of the subject matter.
  2. The material was not relevant to the work of the insurance agent or adjuster.
  3. The course was not held for the scheduled time.
  4. It was too difficult to find the location.
  5. Identification of students was not properly recorded.
  6. Credit was reported for students who did not successfully complete the course.
  7. Students did not receive material for the course.
  8. Activity that is considered illegal was endorsed during the class.
  9. The course was advertised in a misleading manner.
  10. Certificate of completion was not issued within 30 days.

If you experienced any of the above, or another incident you feel compromises the quality of continuing education, please forward those concerns to the Department at Be sure to include the name of the course, date, time, location of the course, and the name of the instructor for the course.

Education Providers: Updating Provider and Course Approvals

Frequently, education providers wonder how often they need to renew their provider approval or that of a course. We would like to make you aware of the general renewal requirements for providers and courses:

  • Provider approvals are perpetual as long as providers are actively offering courses.
  • Classroom, online, and correspondence courses are perpetual as long as they are being actively offered for credit.
  • Seminar courses are good for one year from the date of the initial approval.
  • Any course with material changes need to be re-submitted for approval:
    • Material changes include any change to the course other than updating a statute that has been modified.
  • Any change to a guest speaker for a seminar needs to be reported to the Department.
  • You will be notified by an Inbox message to your MyProfile account if any changes are made to the status of your provider or course approval.

Any application approved by the Department pertaining to pre-licensing or continuing education is subject to be evaluated at anytime. The Department may withdraw approval of courses sponsored by the provider or suspend or revoke the authority to instruct or deny the approval of a course provider, school official, supervising instructor, instructor, speaker, or lecturer if it is discovered that a violation of the Florida Statutes or the Florida Administrative Code has occurred, or that qualification standards for approval are no longer met.