Volume 2, No. 7 - November 2011

Enforcement Actions

- August and September 2011

Some of the following disciplinary actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of disciplinary actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, our readers are cautioned to check with the department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings.

Copies of disciplinary actions can be located by searching the Division of Legal Services' database. For further information, you may make a public records request via e-mail.

Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

Abruzzino IIWilliamE002284  License Revoked   Destin, FL Order of Revocation
Accredited Assurance Group Inc. L011582  Cease & Desist and Fined$5,000  Pembroke Pines, FLConsent Order
Aktiv Assekuranz (USA) Inc. L065827  Probation and Fined$81,000  Miami, FLConsent Order
AgnewEdenA002058  License Revoked   Stuart, FLOrder of Revocation
ArnoldAnnA008487  License Revoked   Plantation, FLOrder of Revocation
AlperinJasonP037947  License Revoked   Lakeland, FLOrder of Revocation
AyodeleGbolagunteD043999  License Suspended 2 Months   North Miami Beach, FLOrder of Suspension
CaseyCorneliusP032543  License Suspended 3 Months   Tallahassee, FLOrder of Suspension
BaoJunyingP176030  License Suspended 6 Months   Tampa, FLFinal Order
CanalEduardoE184687  License Revoked   Coral Gables, FL Order Revoking Eligibility for Licensure
Automotive Warranty Service Group of Florida, Inc. E074258 License Suspended 12 Months   Coral Springs, FLOrder of Suspension
CameronGregoryD082623  License Suspended 12 Months   Ft Myers, FLConsent Order
CavaliereSharonD081794  Probation and Fined$3,500  Bayonet Point, FLConsent Order
Brown, Jr.IsaacA031635  License Revoked, Restitution Ordered  $100,000Holly Hill, FLFinal Order
Maverick National Services-FL LLC P095235  Fined$500  Coral Springs, FLConsent Order
LopezRobertD045027  License Suspended 9 Months   Miami, FL 
JamesSholandaP184488  Fined$150  Miami, FLConsent Order
Choice Title of South Florida Inc E073711  License Revoked   Fort Lauderdale, FLOrder of Revocation
Insurance Professional Consultants L045369  Probation and Fined$1,000  Miami, FLConsent Order
JacksonHaroldD039187  License Suspended 2 Months   Fort Lauderdale, FLOrder of Suspension
FleischnerRichardA085788  License Revoked   Tamarac, FLFinal Order
McFadden SrJamesA172189  Probation and Fined$2,500$500 Land O Lakes, FLConsent Order
Jordan-JohnsonJaniceA135099  License Revoked   Kissimmee, FLConsent Order
GourdetOnelA101600  License Suspended 2 Months   West Palm Beach, FLOrder of Suspension
D'AmicoMarkP177153  License Surrendered   Ponte Vedra, FLConsent Order
McFaddenColletteD027751  Probation and Fined$1,500  Hudson, FLConsent Order
GarzonRicardoP130094  Probation and Fined$3,500  Tampa, FLConsent Order
DziennyBrianP126271  Probation and Fined$1,000$8,660.43 Lehigh Acres, FLConsent Order
HernandezMilissaD038578  License Revoked   Davie, FLOrder of Revocation
PerezJessicaD071941  Probation and Fined$1,000  Miami, FLConsent Order
The Title Experts of South Florida Inc. E056846  License Suspended 3 Months   Miami Gardens, FLOrder of Suspension
SehgalRegP037973  Probation and Fined$1,000  Orlando, FLConsent Order
PontellErnestA209389  Probation and Fined$5,000  Orlando, FLConsent Order
WrightLarry   Cease & Desist   Jacksonville, FLOrder to Cease and Desist
ShotwellCurtisA241845  License Suspended 24 Months   Jupiter Farms, FLOrder of Suspension
Velapoint LLC L066474  Probation and Fined$1,000$562.60 Seattle, WAConsent Order
Trademark Title Inc. E095531  License Suspended 3 Months   Boca Raton, FLOrder of Suspension
SiebernDeborahA242338  Probation and Fined$500  Orlando, FLConsent Order
RossiDorisP085486  License Suspended 3 Months   Pembroke Pines, FLOrder of Suspension
PatteeAlanA201715  License Suspended 18 Months and Fined$6,000  West Palm Beach, FLConsent Order
RupertKennethP122386  License Revoked   Bonita Springs, FL 
NesseltJosephA190952  License Revoked   Fort Lauderdale, FLConsent Order
ZevuloniAbrahamP175543  License Suspended 2 Months   Plantation, FLOrder of Suspension
Ocean Breeze Title, LLC E113269  License Suspended 3 Months   Naples, FLOrder of Suspension
WilliamsAlvinP044175  License Revoked   West Palm Beach, FLOrder of Revocation
SinghLarryA303330  License Suspended 12 Months and Fined$67,500  Miami, FL 
Rush Title Services Inc E038140  License Revoked   Plantation, FLOrder of Revocation
TorresFidelE033734  License Suspended 6 Months   Pembroke Pines, FLConsent Order
MederosAngelP173854  Probation and Fined$10,000  Miami, FLConsent Order
RandellGailA214973  License Suspended 3 Months   Deerfield Beach, FLConsent Order
AGM Title Services Inc E106639  License Suspended 3 Months   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
BaptisteElicsonneE182034  Fined700  Miami, FL 
BermudezEnnioA020304  Probation, Fined & Restitution$2,000$1,100 Hollywood, FLConsent Order
Bonds Only LLC L063702  Probation and Fined$5,000  Jacksonville, FLConsent Order
Diamond Title of Sarasota Inc E004527  License Suspended 3 Months   Sarasota, FL 
DorfmanMarkA070741  Probation and Fined$5,000  Royal Palm Beach, FLConsent Order
KorverWilliamP210469  Probation and Fined$2,500  Ocoee, FLConsent Order
GregoryNormanP086197  License Suspended 3 Months   Miramar, FLOrder of Suspension
International Title Company of The Palm Beaches E030470  License Revoked   West Palm Beach, FLOrder of Revocation
LlinasJoseE154337  License Revoked   Miami, FLConsent Order
MarilesAlmaE073235  Fined$100  Boynton Beach, FLConsent Order
Fairview Settlement Services Inc P111931  Fined$500  Greenacres, FLConsent Order
FaugnoJamesP185610  License Suspended 3 Months   Belmar, NJOrder of Suspension
LaurentLuigiE001872  License Suspended 18 Months   Delray Beach, FLOrder of Suspension
Express Land Title LLC E192209  License Suspended 3 Months   Casselberry, FLOrder of Suspension
Ecom Title Agency LLC E041874  License Suspended 3 Months   Ft Lauderdale, FLOrder of Suspension
Mcgill Escrow & Title LLC E017530  Fined$500  Destin, FLConsent Order
HitchcockMichaelP100727  License Suspended 3 Months   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Onyx Title & Escrow Services Inc P050801  License Suspended 3 Months   Doral, FLOrder of Suspension
Title Experts Inc P085593  License Suspended 3 Months   Hialeah, FL 
Trans-America Title Group Corp E176628  License Suspended 3 Months   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
PaezMelissa   Cease & Desist   Miami, FLOrder to Cease and Desist
Southwest Community Title LLLP P081818  License Suspended 3 Months   Cape Coral, FLOrder of Suspension
Risk Management Center L047265  Fined$5,000  West Palm Beach, FLConsent Order
WildnerRicardoP107815  License Suspended 3 Months   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
TobonSandraP068214  License Suspended 3 Months   Miami, FL 
MercadoElyseP177949  License Suspended 3 Months   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
SchneiderScottP180654  Probation, Cease & Desist and Fined$1,000  Ft Lauderdale, FLConsent Order


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