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Volume 2, No. 2 - March 2011   

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Seminole Casualty Insurance Company Ordered Into Receivership
On March 15, 2011, Seminole Casualty Insurance Company ("Seminole") was ordered into receivership for purposes of liquidation by the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Leon County, Florida. The Florida Department of Financial Services is the court appointed Receiver of Seminole. The company consented to the receivership.
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CFO Atwater Announces Arrest of Miami Public Adjuster in Attempted $2 Million Insurance Fraud Scheme
Florida CFO Jeff Atwater announced today the surrender of public adjuster Erasmo Zorilla in Miami who attempted to defraud the North Pointe Casualty Insurance Company out of almost $2.5 million in an insurance claim associated with Hurricane Wilma.
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CFO Atwater Announces Arrest and Sentencing of Miami Public Adjuster for Pocketing $360,000 from 82 clients; Ordered to Pay Full Restitution
As part of his commitment to crackdown on insurance fraud, Florida CFO Jeff Atwater announced the arrest and sentencing today of a former public adjuster, Abraham M. Blumberg of Miami, on one charge of first-degree organized scheme to defraud for pocketing more than $360,000 in funds from 82 clients and using the money to pay personal debts..
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FLOIR Issues Informational Memorandum Regarding Individual Health Coverage
The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR) issued Information Memorandum OIR-11-01M on February 29, 2011 as a reminder of Section 627.6487, Florida Statutes, regarding guaranteed availability of individual health insurance coverage for eligible individuals.
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Reminder: Be Aware of Unauthorized Entities
Agents should be diligent to ensure the insurance companies they consider representing are authorized in Florida, before offering their products to consumers. One particular unauthorized "insurer" based out of Canada keeps resurfacing despite being ordered to cease and desist. Not long ago a Canadian court rendered a judgment against this same entity. Any agent who solicits or sells for an unauthorized entity is in violation of Florida Law, may be liable for claims that are not paid by the unauthorized entity, and may be charged with a third degree felony. Protect your license and your customers. Always check FLOIR's Company Search feature to confirm admitted insurance companies authorized to do business in Florida.
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