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Volume 2, No. 2 - March 2011   

In The Know
- Keeping you informed is what it's all about

Changes Coming in April to MyProfile
As we mentioned last month, we expect to be making changes to MyProfile in April allowing you to create your own username and password; eliminating the need for logging in with a social security number or federal employer identification number. Now you will only need to enter that information when you create your new username and password. You will also be able to use any internet browser you wish, including your mobile device. This means you can use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or any of the other browsers in use today - and not limited to just Internet Explorer. We will be e-mailing more detailed information ahead of the changes being implemented with guidance on creating your new account. For this reason, and many more, it is essential you have your correct e-mail address on file with us now through your MyProfile account so you do not miss this upcoming important communication.

You can look forward to other enhancements on the horizon that include simplified license applications, allowing online payment of CE fines, and much more.

Important information about using eCheck
In order to make eCheck payments for license applications, appointments or renewals, you will need to provide your bank the following ACH ID numbers BEFORE submitting payment online: W596001874 and Z596001874. You will only need to provide these numbers to your bank one time. Failure to provide the required ACH ID numbers may result in rejection of payment by your financial institution, fees assessed for a returned check, and the item you're paying for would be canceled. There is no processing or convenience fee associated with eCheck as there is with paying via debit or credit card.

*Please note that we do not offer a payment method via pre-authorized debits or direct deposit. We will continue to accept MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express as alternate payment methods.*

Your Surety Bond and What It Can Mean to You
Have you ever considered surrendering your surplus lines or public adjuster license? Have you ever considered not renewing your surety bond when you received its renewal notice? Have you ever thought "I'll just ignore my bond renewal and all of the notices I've been receiving" because you don't want that license anymore? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to read the information below and be aware of what these decisions can do to your other insurance licenses and appointments.

By statute, the surety company providing your bond has to give you 45 days advanced written notice of renewal. If you choose to ignore this renewal notice, the surety company will then mail you and us a cancellation notice at least 30 days in advance of the cancellation date. We will then send a letter to your last known mailing address stating your bond will be expiring or has cancelled. In this letter, we request a replacement bond (or reinstatement of the bond) from you. We also give you the option to surrender/terminate the license type/class associated with the lapsing bond - like surrendering your surplus lines license but keeping your general lines license. If there is no response to our letter after 30 days, you are referred to our Division of Legal Services who issues an Administrative Complaint against you, the licensee.

If there is no response to the Administrative Complaint, all of your license types and classes are suspended pursuant to Florida law - not just the one associated with the surety bond.

When we suspend your licenses we notify all of the companies with whom you are appointed. Not only have all of your insurance licenses been suspended, all of your current appointments have also been affected. The headache and cost of having these licenses and appointments reinstated can add up and cause trouble for you. We cannot reinstate your licenses and appointments until after you serve your suspension period, therefore don't necessarily expect to get back in business quickly.

So, if and when you decide you no longer want one of your licenses, don't ignore notices you are receiving and hope it takes care of itself because you may not like the end results. Contact our Bureau of Licensing at 850-413-3137 for the necessary steps that need to be taken.