Volume 2, No. 5 - July 2011

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Disaster Preparedness

A disaster can strike your business or your home anytime. Take action and learn ways on how to prepare.
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Dear Friends,

Just like you, we are continuously striving to improve the services we provide to Floridians. It's important for us to not only license competent and qualified insurance professionals, but also to hold them accountable. It is my primary goal to protect all Florida consumers.

We continue to ask for your input on how to improve transparency and efficiency in our processes. It is important licensees and consumers alike have access to our public information. Much of this information is readily available on our website already, but we understand that you may have suggestions on ways to make it easier to locate. Please let us know your suggestions and feedback. It's suggestions from you that have spurred new ways to make our application process for our licensees more efficient and easier to navigate through the MyProfile system. You can read more about what we're doing with that in this issue's News You Can Use section.

We encourage our licensees to give us feedback, because transparency is important to Florida's government. We'll keep working efficiently to license timely and regulate fairly, so we can continue making Florida a great state in which to live, work and prosper. Please let us know your thoughts via our online survey or by emailing me.

Thank you,
Jeff Atwater

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