Volume 2, No. 5 - July 2011

Enforcement Actions

- May and June 2011

Some of the following disciplinary actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of disciplinary actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, our readers are cautioned to check with the department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings.

Copies of disciplinary actions can be located by searching the Division of Legal Services' database. For further information, you may make a public records request via e-mail.

Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

AbdelfattahMahmoud P063733 Life, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Wesely Chapel, FLConsent Order
Affinity Title Services Inc  D068038 TitleFined$500 Boynton Beach, FLConsent Order
Allaqua Corp  E046662 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Sunrise, FLOrder of Suspension
AlvarezAhizer E177613 Bail BondLicense Revoked  Ft Myers, FLFinal Order
ArgotePatricia P161484 Customer RepresentativeLicense Revoked  Miami Springs, FLOrder of Revocation
AriasObed P144468 Public AdjusterProbation and Fined$1,250 North Miami, FLConsent Order
ArioriOlatunji A008118 Bail BondLicense Suspended 6 Months, Fined and Restitution $5,560$5,500Fort Lauderdale, FLConsent Order
Associated Financial Title Agency LC  A009292 TitleFined$1,000 Panama City, FL 
Assurance Title Co LLC  P010363 TitleFined$750 Brooksville, FLConsent Order
Attorney's Title of NW Florida Inc  P024746 TitleFined$500 Destin, FLConsent Order
Bankers Title & Abstract Inc  P108410 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Fort Lauderdale, FLOrder of Suspension
Barrister Title Services Inc  P105292 TitleLicense Revoked  Plantation, FLConsent Order
BermanKenneth A020259 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesLicense Suspended 1 Year  Davie, FLConsent Order
Berwyn Abstract Inc  E147025 TitleFined$500 Paoli, PAConsent Order
Best Title Solutions Inc  E162278 TitleFined$500 Cape Coral, FLConsent Order
BlandinAlice P140631 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Tampa, FLOrder of Revocation
BlumbergJacob E065449 Public AdjusterLicense Revoked  Surfside, FLOrder of Revocation
BOO Inc dba Acura of Pembroke Pines  A001002 Auto Warranty, Credit Life or DisabilityProbation and Fined$5,000 Hollywood, FLConsent Order
BoydLarry E105838 Independent Adjuster, Life, Health, Variable AnnuityFined$1,000 Naples, FLConsent Order
BrownDale A031898 Independent AdjusterLicense Revoked  Tampa, FLNotice of Revocation
BuchillonAdiel E170369 General LinesLicense Suspended 9 Months  West Palm Beach, FLConsent Order
Bush Insurance Group Inc  L057293 AgencyLicense Surrendered  Lake Worth, FLConsent Order
Calderin Adriana P119601 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months Miami, FL Order of Suspension
CambronneMyriam A038694 General LinesLicense Revoked  Miami, FLConsent Order
CarterAngeleatia P137879 Bail BondFined$650 Fort Lauderdale, FLConsent Order
Champagne Title Services Inc  A312130 TitleFined$500 Pompano Beach, FLConsent Order
Champion Title & Settlements Inc  P076913 TitleFined$1,000 Fairfax, VAConsent Order
Classic Title Center Inc  P006687 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Columbia Title of Florida Inc dba EWM Title  A052145 TitleFined$500 Coral Gables, FLConsent Order
Continental Title Co  A053473 TitleFined$500 Miami, FL 
Costa Financial Insurance Inc  L053614 AgencyCease and Desist and Fined$1,000 Boca Raton, FLConsent Order
Countrywide Title & Settlement Inc  P081095 TitleFined$500 Plantation, FLConsent Order
Countyline Auto Center Inc dba Lexus of North Miami A058847 Auto Warranty, Credit Life or DisabilityProbation and Fined$7,500 North Miami, FLConsent Order
DarbyDavid P154815 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Lakeland, FLOrder of Suspension
DeanPaul P186075 Public AdjusterFined$500 Miami Gardens, FLConsent Order
DelgadoAlberto E167381 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months and Fined$2,000 Miami, FLFinal Order
DonnerJeffrey D062026 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Weston, FLConsent Order
DuggerEdward A072933 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesLicense Revoked  Gainesville, FLNotice of Revocation
DunbarKatreece P071110 TitleLicense Revoked  Lauderhill, FLConsent Order
E & M Insurance Service Inc    Unlicensed EntityCease and Desist  Coral Springs, FLOrder to Cease and Desist
EdelsteinBarry A075335 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesLicense Revoked  Greenacres, FLConsent Order
EstevezAriel P078544 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Everglades Title Insurance Agency Inc  A079850 TitleFined$1,000 Jupiter, FLConsent Order
Fajeraizen LamPaulina P089212 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Wellington, FLOrder of Suspension
First Source Title Agency Inc  P128451 TitleFined$1,000 North Olmsted, OHConsent Order
First Title of America/All Florida Title  A313507 TitleProbation and Fined$2,500 Lake Mary, FLConsent Order
FischettiPaul E103474 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityProbation and Fined$7,500 Rockledge, FLConsent Order
Florida Affordable Title Services Inc  E159756 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  St. Petersburg, FLOrder of Suspension
Florida Intra State Title LLC DBA Sunset  P049990 TitleFined$500 Bayonet Point, FLConsent Order
GAHB Inc DBA Baruch Insurance  R046218 AgencyRegistration Surrendered  Wellington, FLConsent Order
GarbartFelicia D043614 General Lines, Surplus LinesFined$500 Saint Petersburg, FLConsent Order
GarciaMoises E158218 Public AdjusterProbation, Fined and Restitution$7,500$199.42Miami, FLConsent Order
GarridoJorge A093925 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesLicense Revoked  Fort Lauderdale, FLNotice of Revocation
GlennChristopher D042145 General Lines, Life, HealthLicense Suspended 1 Year  Lake Worth, FLConsent Order
GonzalezJesus A. A100088 Bail BondFined$300 Fort Lauderdale, FLConsent Order
GonzalezJesus G. E064957 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, Industrial Fire or BurglaryLicense Suspended 6 Months $847.69Cooper City, FLConsent Order
GonzalezKenneth P116731 Customer RepresentativeLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLFinal Order
GonzalezManuel E031768 Public AdjusterFined$500 Miami Lakes, FLConsent Order
Guardian Title and Trust Inc  P078734 TitleFined$500 Jacksonville, FLConsent Order
GuichardWakamba E023742 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, Public AdjusterFined$1,000 Deltona, FLConsent Order
GutierrezRuben P077038 Public AdjusterFined$500 Wesley Chapel, FLConsent Order
Hancock Insurance Agency of Florida Inc  P231763 TitleFined$500 Gulfport, FLConsent Order
HartungTanya E048004 Independent AdjusterLicense Revoked  Mechanicsburg, PAOrder of Revocation
HiltibranMichael P050569 General LinesLicense Revoked  Altamonte Springs, FLNotice of Revocation
HoguKettly A121125 General LinesFined$1,500 Miami, FLConsent Order
HubbardMarshall E016640 Bail BondLicense Suspended 6 Months and Fined$500 Odessa, FL  
HubschNanci A124884 Life, HealthPermanently Revoked  Odessa, FLOrder of Revocation
Hurst JrLarry A126484 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityFined$5,000 Brooksville, FLConsent Order
IngramDale A127759 Bail BondPermanently Revoked  Palatka, FLOrder of Revocation
Int'l Unlimited Title Services Inc  E080708 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
JacksonHarold D039187 Bail BondProbation and Fined$3,500$2,000Fort Lauderdale, FLConsent Order
JamesPatrick E190146 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesLicense Suspended 6 Months  Oakland Park, FLConsent Order
Jefferson Title and Escrow Agency LLC  P233344 TitleFined$500 Cooper City, FLConsent Order
KeithDonna A138357 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityProbation, Fined and Restitution$1,000$5,758.63Sebring, FLConsent Order
KressWilliam A145943 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Largo, FLNotice of Revocation
Landmark Title Services Inc  A148827 TitleFined$500 Fort Lauderdale, FLConsent Order
Legendary Journeys Inc   D077968 Motor Vehicle Rental, TravelFined and Restitution$5,000$90,086.72Sarasota, FL 
MackeyKimberly P041830 TitleLicense Revoked  Oakdale, PAConsent Order
MaldonadoIvan E154061 Public AdjusterFined$500 Cutler Bay, FLConsent Order
MedinaGabriel A175361 Life, HealthLicense Suspended 6 Month(s)  Hialeah, FLConsent Order
MedinaLissette P052060 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FL Order of Suspension
MoghaddamAnvar A181748 Life, Health, General Lines, Title, Independent AdjusterFined$5,000 Miami, FLConsent Order
Montes De OcaRaymond P113386 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Coral Gables, FLOrder of Suspension
MuellerJohn A186361 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked and Fined $35,000Sarasota, FL 
Nassau Title Company  E093428 TitleFined$500 Fernandina Beach, FLConsent Order
O'ConnellDavid A194655 General LinesLicense Revoked  Vero Beach, FLConsent Order
Parker, Jr.Thomas P093919 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Davie, FLOrder of Suspension
PerezAlex A204070 General LinesFined$10,000 Miami Lakes, FLConsent Order
PeulerPatrice P101688 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Independence, LAOrder of Suspension
Pines Pontiac - GMC Truck  D013540 Auto Warranty, Credit Life or DisabilityProbation and Fined$2,500 Hollywood, FLConsent Order
PowersAngela D070206 Independent Adjuster, Customer RepresentativeFined$750 Hialeah, FLConsent Order
Professional Closing Inc  E064493 TitleFined$500 Palm Coast, FLConsent Order
RahnPatricia D042697 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Palm Beach Gardens, FLFinal Order
Ramirez, Jr.Esteban P038760 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Winter Springs, FLConsent Order
RaymondvilleMaralene P189972 Customer RepresentativeLicense Revoked  Fort Lauderdale, FLOrder of Revocation
RegevEyal E034588 Public AdjusterFined$500 Coral Springs, FLConsent Order
RembertOrenthal A217949 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Pensacola, FLNotice of Revocation
Reo Land Services Inc  P091906 TitleLicense Revoked  Pittsburgh, PAConsent Order
ReyesBetty P181373 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
ReynoldsRachel E057201 General LinesLicense Revoked  Trinity, FLConsent Order
RobinsonTaurean P147164 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Suspended and Restitution $479.70Miami, FLConsent Order
RodriguezIsrael E119760 Customer RepresentativeLicense Revoked  Pembroke Pines, FLConsent Order
RojasRoberto P069194 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Coral Gables, FLOrder of Suspension
RosarioGladys P058416 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Schardt-SmithJoy A233551 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Palm City, FLOrder of Suspension
SeltserDaniel P028450 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Delray Beach, FLOrder of Suspension
SemandsDonald P182197 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Fort Lauderdale, FLOrder of Suspension
Serenity Title Group Inc  W020273 TitleFined$500 Miami Lakes, FLConsent Order
ShumateIvan A294734 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Tampa, FLConsent Order
StapletonWilliam A252528 Life, HealthCease and Desist and Fined$1,500 Englewood, FLConsent Order
StoreyMatthew A255744 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesLicense Revoked  Mulberry, FLOrder of Revocation
SuarezMario P163635 Public AdjusterFined$500 Miami, FLConsent Order
ThomasMark A263834 Life, Variable AnnuityFined$2,500 West Palm Beach, FLConsent Order
Thoroughbred Title West LLC  P182067 TitleFined$500 Longwood, FLConsent Order
Tidewater Title Group LLC  P071774 TitleFined$500 Virginia Beach, VAConsent Order
Title Affiliates USA Inc  E063294 TitleFined$500 Miami Lakes, FL 
Title Direct LLC  P028724 TitleFined$1,000 Wesley Chapel, FL Consent Order
Title Priorities LLC  P005296 TitleFined$750 Naples, FLConsent Order
Title Support Group Inc  E073647 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Hollywood, FLOrder of Suspension
Title Wave Closing Services LLC dba Title Works  E079629 TitleFined$500 Destin, FLConsent Order
Triangle Auto Ctr Inc \ Toyota of Holly  A268129 Auto Warranty, Credit Life or DisabilityProbation and Fined$5,000 Hollywood, FLConsent Order
UnderdahlRod A270324 Life, HealthProbation and Fined$1,750 Sarasota, FLConsent Order
Unisource Information Services LLC  E118420 TitleLicense Suspended 3 Months  Burgettstown, PAOrder of Suspension
VelazcoMoises P193830 Public AdjusterFined$500 Tampa, FLConsent Order
VidulichMichael A273723 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesProbation and Fined$2,000 Delray Beach, FLConsent Order
Wafford JrWayne A275210 Life, Health, Variable Annuity, General LinesLicense Suspended 18 Months  Odessa, FLOrder of Suspension
WanlessDebra A303332 General LinesLicense Revoked  Nokomis , FLConsent Order
Watermark Realty Inc. dba FL Title & Guaranty  D059934  TitleFined$500 Sunrise, FLConsent Order
WeissJames D027720 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Revoked  Flagler Beach, FLConsent Order
West JrArthur E096619 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityFined$50,000 The Villages, FLConsent Order
WilliamsAlan A298533 Bail BondFined$200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 
WilliamsAllison P093747 Life, Health, Variable AnnuityLicense Suspended 18 Months  Tampa, FLConsent Order
Willis JrNelson A286786 Life, HealthProbation and Fined$1,000 Belle Glade, FLConsent Order
WinterPhillip P013842 General LinesProbation and Fined$3,500 San Diego, CAConsent Order
ZelJerome P080990 Public AdjusterLicense Suspended 3 Months  Lake Worth, FLOrder of Suspension


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