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Volume 2, No. 1 - February 2011   
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Clarification on New Legislation Effective January 1, 2011
In our last issue, we reminded our licensees about the legislation that took effect on January 1, 2011. One provision of the new legislation was the expanded prohibition of naming certain individuals as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Previously, only the agent was prohibited from being named as the beneficiary to a life insurance policy if it was sold to someone other than the agent's family member. The new legislation now prohibits the agent and any of the agent's family members from being named as beneficiary, serving as a guardian, trustee, or having power of attorney over the insured, if the insured is not the agent or agent's family member.

No Fees with eCheck
We strongly encourage our customers to utilize the eCheck option when making payments as there is no processing or convenience fee associated with it. Depending on the amount of the transaction, you can save a considerable amount of money using eCheck. The other payment options we offer are MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards, which have a processing fee that is a percentage of the total transaction amount. To assist with understanding what information is requested to use eCheck, please click here.

Upcoming Change in Appointment Renewals
In the very near future, an appointment will not have the option to be renewed if the licensee has a bad address on file with us, including their e-mail address. This means that appointing entities and those who self-appoint will be unable to renew the appointment. Any bad address will have to be corrected before the option to renew the appointment will be available in eAppoint. Our current process already does not allow a new appointment to be made if a bad address is on file for the licensee. We will communicate more on this process change as we approach its implementation.

Exciting Technology Advances on the Horizon
You asked; we listened. In the next few months, we will be making changes to MyProfile to allow you to create your own username and password; eliminating the need for a social security number or federal employer identification number after initial application. Also, you will be able to use any internet browser you wish, including one on your mobile device. This means you can use Firefox, Safari, or any of the other browsers in use today - and not limited to Internet Explorer. Another change will allow for payment of continuing education (CE) fines online instead of mailing in a paper check. We strive to continually improve our customer service and will be providing more updates on these exciting technology enhancements as they come to fruition.

Florida Surplus Lines Service Office Issues Bulletin 2010-03
The Florida Surplus Lines Service Office (FSLSO) has issued Bulletin 2010-03 with instructions relating to membership, address changes, license/appointment updates, and record maintenance. It is meant to remind all licensed and appointed resident and non-resident surplus lines agents of their responsibilities in order to maintain compliance with the Florida Surplus Lines Law, the FSLSO Plan of Operation, and the Agents' Procedures Manual.
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