Volume 2, No. 8 - December 2011

Education Central

- Things to know about your continuing education

How to Search for Approved CE Courses

Looking for continuing education (CE) courses to be sure you get all your hours completed? Our online course search can easily help you out and lists those courses approved by the Department.

  1. Go to our website at www.MyFloridaCFO.com/Agents
  2. Click on Education Central on the left.
  3. Click on Find a CE Course in the left column. This will open the CE Course Search.
  4. Select the Course Authority for the type of license held or course you need to take.
  5. You can also make other choices, like Study Method and Location, to narrow your search results.
  6. If you click on Perform an Advanced Search, you will have additional options to narrow your search results, such as Course Date and Course Level.

Because many factors may affect your continuing education requirement (e.g. licenses held, number of years licensed, etc.), we encourage you to periodically check your MyProfile account to determine your individual continuing education compliance requirements and status.

Clarifications to Misconceptions Regarding Your CE Status Screen

To help our licensees in understanding the information provided on their CE evaluation screen, we would like to address some common misconceptions in reading this page. To get there, first log in to your MyProfile account. Then on the left just below your license number you will see a button that reads "CE Status". Click on that button to view your CE evaluation screen.

  • The total hours needed that is listed on the bottom of the screen is all I need to be concerned about.
    • False. The total hours needed is the sum of all the specific requirements. You will need to read the full screen above that line to see what specific courses you need to take. For example:
      1. Life agents must complete at least 3 hours of Senior Suitability each compliance period as part of their overall requirement.
      2. Property and casualty agents must complete 3 hours in Ethics and 1 hour in Premium Discount Mitigation each compliance period as part of their overall requirement.
      3. Adjusters must complete 10 hours of Law & Policy and 2 hours of Ethics as part of their overall requirement.
  • If I see "Requirement Satisfied" on the bottom of the page that means I've met my CE requirement.
    • False. "Requirement Satisfied" only means you completed all your hours. It does not mean that you met all your hours on time. If you were late in completing your hours, you may be subject to a fine. The only indicator that you met all the necessary requirements for the compliance period is seeing the text that reads "In Compliance" (in a green color) just above your evaluation screen.
  • The first page tells me all the information I need to know.
    • False. The first page only provides information for the current compliance period. To view pertinent information from a previous compliance period, click the drop down menu in the field with the compliance period date and select a previous period to view that respective information.
  • The amount of hours I see credited to me on the evaluation screen are all the hours I'm getting for that course.
    • False. Sometimes extra hours from a course will not be credited to that period because you've maxed out the hours for that specific requirement. What you see applied on a compliance period screen are the hours credited to that compliance period. To view all the hours creditable for a course, click and view your transcript. The transcript can be viewed by clicking "Transcripts" located at the top left corner of the page.
  • If I don't see another compliance period showing after I finished all my current CE hours that means I'm done with my CE requirement.
    • False. As long you maintain a license you will continue to have a CE requirement every two years. Your next compliance period will not be viewable until 45 days after the end of your previous compliance cycle.

We wish you well as you continue to complete your hours to keep your knowledge current in an ever changing insurance market. And remember, your CE compliance date is your DUE date, not your DO date.

You can forward any questions or concerns to Education@MyFloridaCFO.com.


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