Volume 2, No. 6 - August 2011

Education Central

- Things to know about your continuing education

New Email Address for Education Questions

The Bureau of Licensing's Education Unit has set up the email address, Education@MyFloridaCFO.com, to facilitate questions and concerns regarding CE requirements, course approvals, instructor applications, and any other education-related questions and concerns. You may use this address to do any of the following:

  1. Share concerns you have about your current or previous CE evaluation period.
  2. Share a concern about a recent course you just took.
  3. Submit a request for extension or reduction.
  4. Submit a copy of any other requested document related to education.
  5. Ask questions related to prelicensing or continuing education.
  6. Share ideas for improvement.
  7. Share positive feedback to the Education Unit.

The Education Unit's staff will review submissions and send an acknowledgement within 48 business hours after receiving an email. We appreciate your cooperation and sharing of ideas with the Unit.

Applications to be an Education Course Instructor

Applicants for independent education instructors must submit a résumé with their application per Rule 69B-228.060(2)(c), F.A.C., which states:

"Individuals may submit Certification of Instructor Forms or Application for supervising Instructor Approval forms independent of any school with only the applying instructor's signature. If an individual submits a certification form, a résumé shall be attached."

Applicants must submit a résumé or risk having the application closed. If you have any questions regarding the application or submitting a résumé, please send an email to Education@MyFloridaCFO.com.

Get Faster Approvals of Education Course Applications

In order to improve the timeliness of our education course application processing, we have implemented timeframes for review and revision of courses submitted. We will review any new course application within 5 business days and any revisions within 3 business days. We ask that education providers applying for courses to be approved be available to respond to requests from us during the entire time courses are under review. Providers will be allowed 7 business days from receiving a Department request for revision to make necessary updates to their course applications. Any application that fails to be revised after two consecutive requests from us will be closed. A new application and fee will be required should the provider elect to have the course further considered by the Department. Any course application that has been open for 60 calendar days or longer will be closed unless the provider has a bona fide reason to request an extension.


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