Volume 2, No. 3 - April 2011

In The Know

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Changes to MyProfile Delayed

As we mentioned in the past couple of issues, we expect to be making changes to MyProfile soon. After receiving some additional suggestions for improvement, we decided to take the opportunity to implement those now while we were already making enhancements instead of later.  We hope to have these completed and online by the beginning of June.  The major enhancement allows you to create your own username and password; eliminating the need for logging in with a social security number or federal employer identification number. You will only need to enter that information when you create your new username and password. You will also be able to use any internet browser you wish, including your mobile device. This means you can use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or any of the other browsers in use today - and not limited to just Internet Explorer. We will e-mail more detailed information prior to implementation of the changes with guidance on creating your new account. For this reason, we are reminding you that it is essential to have your correct e-mail address on file with us now through your MyProfile account so you do not miss this upcoming important communication.

You can look forward to other enhancements on the horizon that include simplified license applications, allowing online payment of CE fines, and much more.

Your License and (Appointment) Renewals

Agent and adjuster licenses do not renew in Florida. The only thing about them that renews is any appointment associated with the license. Appointments last for two years and then must be renewed or they will be terminated. There is no license renewal fee to be paid as Florida agent and adjuster licenses do not renew. As long as you are current with your continuing education (CE) requirements in your Florida or your home state, depending on your license type, and maintain a current appointment your Florida license will remain active. Appointments for individuals can be terminated up until the month of renewal by the licensee or the appointing entity (insurance company, adjusting firm, or licensee that self-appoints). Renewal invoices are e-mailed on the first of each month to appointing entities and appointment changes cannot be made to the invoice afterward. When submitting an appointment, it is important to complete the submittal and click "pay and submit" or else the appointment will not be effectuated.

If a license that requires an appointment goes 48 months without one, the license will be terminated. To re-obtain the license following termination, the individual will have to apply and qualify as a first-time applicant.

Submitting Original Documents To Us

If you ever have to send original certified court documents to us but you would like to have them returned to you, we can do that. After we have received the original documents and reviewed them, you may submit a written request to us to return the specified original documents to you at the address you provide in your request. The request needs to be received by us within 90 days of when you sent the documents to us.


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