Volume 1, No. 7 - October 2010
Education Central
- Things to know about your continuing education

Keeping Your License and Appointment Depends on CE Compliance
Complying with your continuing education requirement is vital to maintaining the active status of your license and appointment. If you do not complete your continuing education requirement by the end of your compliance period you fall into a non-compliant status. Not only can you be fined $250 but also your license's active status could be removed from the NAIC's Producer Licensing Database. This is important if you transact or adjust in other states because many states won't allow you to keep your license if you don't hold an active license in your home state. So be mindful of your education requirement and when it is due. You can access your compliance via your MyProfile account to determine your individual requirements and status.

New E-mail Alert about Unearned Credit for Coursework Completed
If you take the same continuing education course within three years, you will not receive credit. Likewise, if you take a basic-level course when you are required to take advanced-level, you will not receive credit. Now we will start sending an e-mail notification to you anytime a course you completed is posted to your transcript that you cannot currently receive credit. You are responsible for your own compliance, so it's very important that you review your transcript and search for approved courses that you can complete to satisfy your continuing education requirement via your MyProfile account.

Attorney Referral Prohibited by Bail Bond Agents
Bail bond agents and temporary bail bond agents are prohibited from suggesting or advising the use of any particular attorney to represent his or her principal pursuant to Section 648.44(1)(a), F.S. Any bail bond agent violating this prohibition is subject to suspension or revocation of their license and commits a first-degree misdemeanor subject to applicable criminal penalties. Providers of bail bond education courses should ensure that this is properly communicated to students and can refer to the Education Information Notice issued on this.